Is Marijuana Legal in Benin?
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The Republic of Benin forbids the use of marijuana for either recreational or medical purposes. Marijuana legalization is becoming more and more popular and is being enacted in many nations around the world but this has not been the case in West Africa.

You shouldn’t take the chance of importing or purchasing cannabis if you intend to travel to The Republic of Benin.

In The Republic of Benin, it is unlawful to cultivate, sell, possess, or distribute cannabis or its extracts, and there is little information available on hemp with low or no THC levels.

The majority of evidence points to the illegality of CBD and cannabidiol products derived from hemp.

Benin Medical Marijuana Laws

Benin forbids marijuana use under all circumstances. Those who want to use medical marijuana currently have no legal way to get either medical or recreational marijuana.

Cannabis Legalization Could Benefit Benin

Government representatives who support lifting the prohibition on cannabis frequently highlight the economical advantages of legalization.

These advantages shouldn’t be ignored, but they should be taken as a strong argument in favor of legalization. Fortunately, there may be effects of the marijuana sector that go beyond economic growth.

One area in particular where cannabis could benefit the people of Benin is public health. According to a study, marijuana is fairly common in Benin, particularly among young people for medical purposes. It was revealed that many people consume marijuana to treat the ailments which can not be treated with other alternatives.

Can You Grow Cannabis In Benin?

Cannabis cultivation is not permitted in Benin because it is a strictly prohibited substance there.

Recreational Marijuana in Benin

In Benin, it is against the law to grow, sell, or possess cannabis for recreational use.

Cannabis is accessible in Benin but difficult to locate unless you know some locals. Cannabis possession is illegal and will result in punishment in any form.


The only West African country to make any meaningful progress in this area is Morocco, which legalized medical marijuana in 2021. However, marijuana legalization is still uncommon in the region.

Both medical and recreational marijuana are not yet legal in Benin.

It is also clear that Benin’s law enforcement treats marijuana possession seriously, thus it is not worth the risk at this moment.

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