420 Friendly Restaurants in New York
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Perhaps the city of New York is one of the liveliest places on the face of planet Earth. From the bustling life of New York Times Square to the chains of world-renowned restaurants offering every sort of delicious food from all over the globe, there is simply just so much you can do in New York.

Starting from 2021, a new activity has been added to New York’s vibrant culture. Residents of New York can now enjoy recreational cannabis and restaurants across the city are making sure to milk out this opportunity as much as they can.

There are now thousands of restaurants across the city of New York that have reinvented themselves to accommodate more and more cannabis enthusiasts.

Considering that you might be interested in visiting some of these, here are the top 420 friendly restaurants in New York,

1. The Elevated Palate

If you’re someone who enjoys both cannabis-infused and non-infused delicious delicacies throughout the week, then the Elevated Place might become your permanent go-to place in New York.

The restaurant was founded by chef Mike Gargiulo and the Gargiulo Caterers to provide a four-course, fine-dining dinner service for both infused and non-infused enthusiasts.

Plus, if you feel like randomly visiting the place during the week, the restaurant does offer a pick-up service from Tuesday to Saturday offering both infused and non-infused deliciousness.

2. Cannabis-Fine Dining

If you’re someone looking for a more exclusive experience, Cannabis-Fine Dining will surely make it to the list of your favorite restaurants. However, we must mention that meals there will easily cost you between $350 to $500 depending upon your preferred choice of dishes.

Be assured, that the eight-course meal with a combination of quality beverages will be worth your money.

3. Stoney Island Weed Garden

The nostalgic backdrop of Coney Island, a location filled with vibes, and a place where you can enjoy an extremely delicious pizza filled with a particular herb. This is exactly what you’ll be enjoying at Stoney Island Weed Garden. Plus, if you’re lucky enough, you can spot some celebrities around as well.

4. 99th Floor

Although debatable, 99th Floor can easily be ranked as the best cannabis-infused restaurant in New York. Founded by Chef Miguel Trinidad, you can easily enjoy a five to ten-course meal and meet your fellow guests belonging to the field of journalism, medicine, and entertainment.

5. Muz Muz Cafe

A place that is designed for individuals who want to enjoy cannabis-infused delicacies with the vibes often associated with a cafe. The $1 espresso offered as a starter is surely the most popular item on the menu. You can even enjoy CBD gummies, pre-rolls, and delicious honey-filled dishes.

6. High Garden

A restaurant that incorporated cannabis into its culinary art. Apart from the ambiance, High Garden is known for its signature cannabis-filled vape pens that can be sipped like a glass of wine. The restaurant also offers various cannabis strains to go with multiple dishes.

7. Bamboo Cafe

The city of New York can be bustling with more and more cannabis-infused restaurants and cafes, but no one can take the title of being ‘Brooklyn’s first-ever cannabis-filled lounge’. The cafe has a very strong fanbase that’s expanding day by day.

8. Cafe Canal

If you’re thinking that Cafe Canal is your traditional cannabis cafe or restaurant in New York, then you’re pretty wrong already. The place is more like a cannabis bakery with a broad range of assorted cannabis-infused pastries to choose from.

The restaurant offers both dine-in and take-away options while serving lunch, seven days a week.

9. Duty-Free NYC

Now these guys are pretty new to the business but from what we have heard, Duty-Free NYC is doing an amazing job with events across the city. There isn’t much to yet discover about these guys, but their social media is full of updates and what they are up to these days. We believe that these guys do deserve a shot.

10. Stoned Pizza

Can we conclude the list without mentioning a place that offers a New York-style pizza and cannabis-infused side dishes like like pies? Now, we definitely can’t and that’s why Stoned Pizza is here. You can even enjoy your favorite CBD-infused gummies here!

Wrapping It Up:

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of the best 420-friendly restaurants in New York, it’s worth noting that cannabis consumption is entirely legal for adults aged 21 and older.

In New York, adults can possess up to three ounces of cannabis and up to 24 grams of concentrated cannabis for personal use. Additionally, smoking or vaping cannabis is permitted wherever tobacco smoking is allowed, following the smoke-free air laws, albeit with certain exceptions.

To fully relish the cannabis culture in New York, obtaining a medical marijuana card can be beneficial. At The Kif, our licensed doctors are here to guide you through the process, ensuring you can enjoy cannabis both legally and responsibly.

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