Is Marijuana Legal in Belarus?
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In Belarus, marijuana used for recreational and medical purposes is prohibited. Marijuana is illegal to own, use, sell, or distribute anywhere in the nation. Any cannabis legislation violation in Belarus is punishable by severe punishments, including imprisonment.

Belarus Medical Marijuana Laws

Belarus forbids the use of medical marijuana and those who do so risk jail time.

An Israeli citizen who had obtained a medical cannabis license in their native country was detained in Belarus in 2021 on suspicion of smuggling 2.5 grams of medical marijuana into the nation. This shows the strict rules and regulations of Belarus towards medical marijuana.

Possible penalties

A minimum of five years and a maximum of 25 years in prison are the possible sentences for drug trafficking.

Where in Belarus Can Marijuana Be Consumed Without Concern?

One of the harshest cannabis laws in Europe is found in Belarus. The general demand for cannabis legal reform has become louder, as voting citizens are becoming more aware of the many potential medical benefits of cannabis.

But for the time being, Belarus may not have any legalized marijuana consumption areas.

Can you grow your own weed?

It is not permitted to grow your own cannabis plants in Belarus. However, industrial hemp having less than 0.2% THC is now forbidden throughout the nation.

Can I buy or carry marijuana items with me to Belarus?

Never try to import or purchase cannabis products in Belarus. The nation has harsh drug regulations that do not distinguish between trafficking and possession, or between heroin and marijuana. Even a light punishment for possession of marijuana is several years. Whether you are a local or a visitor, law enforcement will not be lenient with you.


Belarus strictly prohibits marijuana use for recreational and medical purposes. If you are planning a visit to Belarus, it is highly recommended to leave your marijuana at home.

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