Is Marijuana Legal in Belize?
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Belize’s legalization of cannabis is a complex matter. Although possession of 10 grams and consumption on private property is permitted, there is no medical program or legal adult use market in Belize.

Belize is one of the top cannabis-consuming nations in Central America, but it is prohibited to buy, sell, or grow cannabis there. Having a lot of marijuana in your possession or smoking in public can get you fined or put in jail.

Belizean Efforts to Legalize

The Misuse of Drugs Act, which was passed by the federal government in November 2017, decriminalized small amounts of cannabis and removed hemp from the list of banned substances.

In July 2021, amendments to the Act were introduced that legalized the sale of cannabis for adult use and established an authorized supply chain. In February 2022, these rules were revised and submitted to the federal government as the Cannabis Regulation and Licencing Bill.

Federal officials are in favor of legalizing marijuana, but there is also substantial opposition, especially from religious groups, who want a national vote before legalization.

Is It Normal to Consume Cannabis in Belize

Cannabis is widely available in Belize and can be pretty simple to find.

According to a 2016 UN survey, Belize ranked 18th out of the top 30 countries in the world for marijuana use, with an estimated 8.5% of the population using the drug. The real number is probably substantially higher because cannabis use is typically underreported.

It would be foolish to use cannabis or smoke in public, even though what is true for Belizeans may not be true for visitors. Although cannabis use is widespread, it is still illegal and is still punishable by penalties or even imprisonment when it comes to large-scale possession, public smoking, and selling.

Can I buy CBD in Belize?

Yes, Belize offers CBD for sale. Only domestically cultivated hemp is offered because the hemp industry is still in its early phases of development and no product importation is permitted.

You should be able to locate CBD oil or other products in the majority of Belize’s major cities with the help of search engines and social media platforms.

Cultivation of Marijuana in Belize

It is important to remember that large-scale marijuana cultivation, transportation, and possession are all still prohibited activities in the nation. According to the law, marijuana production for therapeutic purposes will be permitted. A lot of people want marijuana legalized nationwide so they may diversify their economies. After marijuana is legalized, anyone can participate directly in the supply chain, whether it involves growing, transporting, packaging, or any other aspect of the industry.


Belize is undergoing significant change in a number of areas, including the marijuana industry. Marijuana legalization is a process that never ends. Belize is being pushed to legalize marijuana by young adults and marijuana enthusiasts across the nation.

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