How To Get A Job In The Cannabis Industry?
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If we take a look at the current market statistics, one thing is quite certain. The US cannabis industry is growing at an exponential rate. Each year, more and more states are becoming a part of the cannabis legalization drive, opening countless new job opportunities to individuals who are eager to become a part of this industry.

As a company that has now worked for years in this industry, we believe that we can provide some useful insights to you for landing a job in the cannabis industry.

Our Advice

The bloom of the cannabis industry within the US is a reality now. We can understand that with an ever-increasing rate of cannabis-related jobs, you might be considering applying for a role suitable for you. However, getting a job in this industry will require you to have some industry-specific fundamental knowledge and qualifications.

Plus, we also advise you to focus on state-specific job requirements as many US states prefer someone originally belonging to the same state where the job opportunity has just opened up.

Can Your Past Job Experiences Help You In Any Way?

Of course they can, many cannabis-industry roles can be somewhat relevant to your past job roles. Here are some of the job roles that can help you perform exceptionally well in the cannabis industry,

Any sort of experience with a ‘restaurant’ will be a win-win situation for you. Interacting with people in a dispensary is crucial and for someone who has worked in a restaurant before, it’s a piece of cake.
More and more cannabis dispensaries and distributors are now looking for drivers with a clean driving record and who know how to deliver any product on time. This is where your experience as a ‘delivery rider’ will come in handy.

If you have any experience as a ‘horticulturist’ or know how to deal with pests, the cannabis cultivation industry can offer you a dream come true job. Seriously, the scope of cannabis cultivation as an industry has expanded significantly over the years.

Following is a list of credible platforms from where you can conduct your search for a cannabis-related job in your area,

1. FlowerHire

The platform allows you to collaborate and network with professionals working in the field of cannabis. You can even take quizzes to check if working in this industry will be the right fit for you or not.

2. Vangst

This site is a perfect place to build industry-specific relations, debate various cannabis-related topics, and explore possible job roles and opportunities while utilizing the potential of Vangst’s free platform services.

3. Glassdoor

A platform that might not offer job roles specifically related to the cannabis industry but can help you with networking.

4. Indeed

Indeed is a global job-seeking platform accessed by millions of people around the globe. While the platform is not ‘cannabis-specific’, several brands and companies do post job roles related to the cannabis industry

Preparing For Interview

To successfully land a job in the cannabis industry, you need to focus on your interview and presentation skills as well. But how can you do that? Well, here are some key notes that we want to share with you,

Spend some time to expand your professional vocabulary and make yourself familiar with ‘cannabis-related’ terminologies. This will help you to answer interview questions with much more confidence and authority.

Research the average salaries and employment packages in your area, specifically for cannabis-related job roles. You can then effectively negotiate your expected salary package with the right company.
Instead of sending hundreds of cold emails throughout the day, spend some quality time building a network. You will often find your network to be of more value than actual job-searching sites when it comes to applying for certain job opportunities on a priority basis.

Make sure that you’re well aware of your state’s cannabis laws and hold any sort of license that makes you relevant for the applied position.

Best Of Luck!

Successfully landing a job role in the cannabis industry is going to take some time and a lot of research. Just remember, do your research, always be prepared, and always perform to the best of your capabilities when given the chance.

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