Is Weed Legal in Antigua & Barbuda?
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Antigua and Barbuda is the first Caribbean country to permit cannabis usage for both medical and recreational purposes.

The Decriminalization of Marijuana in Antigua and Barbuda

The Cannabis Act was passed on November 28, 2018, which decriminalized marijuana in Antigua and Barbuda. The Act governed the cultivation, production, and distribution of medical marijuana. Although the residents of Antigua and Barbuda can use cannabis for recreational purposes there are some limitations. For example, you are not allowed to smoke marijuana in public.

The Medical Cannabis Authority (MCA) is in charge of managing all operations regarding medical cannabis. The MCA has three primary responsibilities. Firstly, they are responsible for issuing cultivation licenses. Secondly, it keeps records of plant processing and extraction. And lastly, the MCA is in charge of controlling medical marijuana’s sale and distribution.

Marijuana Farming Enhances Economic Prosperity

In 2009, Antigua and Barbuda’s economy was severely affected by the global economic downturn, which is still struggling. The pandemic has also made the already unstable situation of the economy worse. Four out of every five respondents to a World Food Program poll reported losing their jobs or seeing a decline in their household income. According to research, the marijuana business will contribute at least 10% to economic growth in five to ten years. The government of Antigua and Barbuda intends to have “local content and ownership in every” marijuana-related business to promote economic growth.

Marijuana Legalization Uplifts the Rastafarian Community

In Rastafarian culture, marijuana is considered a sacred plant. It is used to promote a sense of togetherness and to conjure up heavenly and comforting thoughts. The religious organization has already expressed complaints and displeasure with the government over Antigua and Barbuda’s marijuana prohibition. The relationship between Rastafarians and the government seems to be getting better now as marijuana is legal.

Can you bring cannabis to Antigua & Barbuda?

In Antigua and Barbuda, you cannot bring cannabis. Despite being decriminalized, it remains illegal to import marijuana into Antigua.


Antigua & Barbuda is the first Caribbean country to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. But, it is still illegal to bring cannabis into the nation. So, if you are planning a trip to Antigua & Barbuda you can leave your cannabis at home.

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