Is Weed Legal In Algeria?
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In Algeria, cannabis use is not permitted for recreational purposes, although the government does permit medical use. With that being said, it is possible to get a prescription for cannabinoid-based medications in Algeria. However, obtaining it through legal channels presents several challenges because the framework for sale and distribution has not yet been established.

The use, cultivation, commerce, and possession of marijuana without a license is completely prohibited in Algeria. However, the laws permit the production of cannabinoid-based medicines and the use of medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Laws in Algeria

Algeria lacks a comprehensive medical cannabis program, as compared to regions in the US, Canada, and Europe. Algeria is also significantly more progressive than the majority of African countries. In 2004, the country authorized cultivation and study for medical and scientific uses with its No. 04-18 13 Dhou El Kaada 1425 legislation. Additionally, provisions in the No. 07-228 Decree from 2007 decriminalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes with the Ministry of Health’s consent.

The Algerian Prime Minister issued a decree in 2020 outlining the guidelines for the creation of marijuana medications and patient prescriptions.

Outpatient prescriptions

  • Outpatient prescriptions couldn’t last longer than three months.
  • Additionally, it mandated that doctors write a unique prescription in three copies, each in a different color, and keep records for at least two years.

Inpatient prescriptions

  • Psychiatrists were required by law to submit fresh prescriptions every week for a maximum of one month for hospitalized patients.
  • Doctors who write prescriptions must maintain records for five years.

To get prescribed cannabis, patients must have a serious illness and have no access to a comparable form of treatment.

Can you possess and use cannabis in Algeria?

Cannabis use and possession are forbidden in Algeria. If caught, the offender could face a six-month prison sentence. Since Ahmed Ouyahia (the nation’s Prime Minister until March 12, 2019), has publicly expressed his willingness to address the country’s drug problems, it seems unlikely that these relatively strict rules will alter anytime soon.

However, Algerian drug policies are unique from those of other northern African countries in that they prioritize prevention over punishment. As a result, before recommending criminal punishments, treatment, and preventative actions are frequently suggested.

Can you sell cannabis in Algeria?

It is also prohibited to sell or distribute cannabis in the nation, and doing so carries a two-year prison sentence. A prison sentence of 10 to 20 years can be imposed for large-scale trafficking, which is considered a far more serious act. In Algeria, the death sentence is still an option, however, drug-related offenses are exempt from this punishment. Additionally, since 1993, no executions have taken place in the nation.

Despite the severe penalties, cannabis trafficking is extremely widespread in this country. Hashish can arrive from Morocco and easily cross the 6,700-kilometer border into Europe, Tunisia, Libya, and other African nations.

Algeria Cannabis Enforcement

  1. According to a 2004 law, those found in possession of marijuana in Algeria could face severe penalties:
  2. A fine of 5,000 DA to 50,000 DA and two months to two years in prison are possible penalties for personal use or possession.
  3. Selling marijuana to others is punishable by up to ten years in prison and a 500,000 DA fine.
  4. If caught selling marijuana, hospitality professionals might face even harsher punishments, including 15 years in prison and $1,000,000 DA in fines.
  5. If they are affiliated with an organized gang, manufacturers, exporters, and drug dealers, they might receive 10 to 20 years in prison or even the death penalty.

Can You Grow Cannabis in Algeria?

Cannabis cultivation is prohibited in Algeria, except for some medical and research use. Still, it is said that city people cultivate cannabis plants for personal use in gardens or on balconies.

The goal of law enforcement is not to punish home producers. However, police will put an end to small-scale operations. They frequently seize cannabis from fields in mountainous regions with cooler climates and higher rainfall, such as southern Algeria or close to the Moroccan border.


Cannabis usage, possession, cultivation, and sale are all prohibited in Algeria. Despite the laws, Algeria is one of the continent’s top drug-producing countries, and its residents have no trouble obtaining marijuana or hashish for personal use.

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