Is Weed Legal In Albania?
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Cannabis cannot be used for either medical or recreational purposes in Albania, nor can it be stored or sold there. Even though industrial hemp has historically been produced in Albania, it is still prohibited for all uses.

According to reports, Albania produced a lot of hemp in the 1960s and 1970s. However, the early 1990s saw the collapse of hemp industries; this was made certain by the categorization of hemp as a narcotic in 2000.

Cannabis was included in the list of prohibited substances under the Law on Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances, which was established by the Albanian government in 1994. Albania’s criminal code was established in January 1995, banning the use, manufacture, and distribution of drugs.

Although marijuana was not expressly mentioned in the criminal code, it was made apparent that the 1994 law considered it to be a narcotic.

The penal code’s article 283 declared it a crime to sell, distribute, trade, transport, or store any illegal narcotics; the sentence ranged from 5 to 10 years in prison.

Albania Medical Marijuana Law

Albania presently forbids the use of medical marijuana for any kind of illness or condition.

You are not permitted to use or possess any marijuana while in Albania, even if you have a valid prescription from another nation.

If you’re visiting Albania, you must leave your medical cannabis at home because Albanian law enforcement won’t accept prescriptions from other countries.

Can you sell cannabis in Albania?

When it comes to providing or selling cannabis, the law is far stricter. Any sale (or “gifting”) of the medication is prohibited if it involves a quantity greater than a “single dose.” The offender can face a five- to ten-year prison sentence if they are caught.

The punishment increases to seven to 15 years if you get caught selling or supplying as part of an organized group or if you are arrested more than once. If the offender is discovered to be the leader of a trafficking group or to be funding its operations, the prison sentence is increased once more (to 10 to 20 years).

Can you grow cannabis in Albania?

It’s against the law to grow marijuana. A three- to seven-year prison sentence could be imposed on the criminal if the authorities find plants at their home or other premises.

Despite this, cannabis is grown extensively throughout the nation. Many rural Albanian communities relied on the cash generated by the plant’s illegal cultivation during the post-Communist era when poverty was prevalent. The Mafia now dominates a large portion of the cannabis industry. Cannabis farms are still popular, but authorities are taking it more seriously.

Although CBD has a low THC content and doesn’t cause a “high,” Albanian legislation does not permit it. However, as long as the user only has a “single dose,” personal, private use has been decriminalized.

Can cannabis seeds be sent to Albania?

The sale of seeds from narcotic plants is forbidden by law. Even though it is lawful to own them, it is not permitted to send them over the mail.

Where Can I Buy Cannabis in Albania Without Fear?

Cannabis cannot be bought legally in Albania. In Albania, purchasing cannabis carries a high danger of fines or jail time.

Additionally, it is not advised to bring cannabis into Albania as Albanian legislation does not recognize international prescriptions for medical marijuana or MMJ cards.


Cannabis is still banned in Albania, and anyone found in possession or using it (even for medical reasons) faces severe consequences.

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