How To Renew Your Missouri Medical Marijuana Card Online?
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If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and entirely online process for renewing your Missouri MMJ card, you’ve come to the right place with KIF. Renewing your Missouri medical card has never been simpler.

Wondering how to renew your medical card in MO? Can you do it online? Here, we’ll guide you through the renewal process and cover all aspects of Missouri medical marijuana card renewals.

We strongly support patients in their natural healing journey with cannabis and are here to assist you. If you’re prepared to renew your Missouri MMJ card, let’s delve into the steps of the renewal process for a medical card.


How to Renew Your Missouri MMJ Card

Obtaining a medical card renewal online is an uncomplicated process, resembling the procedure for obtaining an initial certification. The renewal application involves two main steps: obtaining a medical cannabis certification from a doctor and submitting the application to the state.

Fortunately, KIF offers fully online doctor’s appointments for MMJ certification, providing patients with the convenience of completing the process from their own homes.

If you’re wondering when it’s time to renew your medical card in MO, you can initiate the renewal process within 60 days of your MMJ card’s expiration date. To ensure a smooth renewal, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services recommends applying no later than 30 days before your card expires. Since the department takes approximately 30 days to process the application, submitting the renewal after this timeframe may result in a brief period without a valid card.


Step One: Get Approval from a Doctor

Renewing your Missouri medical card starts by obtaining MMJ approval from a doctor. Whenever you need to renew the medical card, you must obtain medical cannabis approval from a doctor. No need to be concerned, as KIF offers convenient online doctor’s appointments without any hassle.

To secure MMJ approval from a doctor, simply schedule a Missouri renewal appointment through KIF. Patients have the flexibility to choose any date and time for their virtual doctor’s appointment, which can be conducted on a phone or computer from any location.


Step Two: Submit Your Medical Card Application

After obtaining your doctor’s recommendation from KIF, you have a 30-day window to submit your medical card application to the state through the DHSS Complia Portal. This involves completing the state application, providing your patient documents, and paying the required state fee.

Missouri MMJ Card Renewal FAQ

When it concerns the process of renewing a medical card online, patients often have common inquiries. Below are some frequently posed questions about renewing a medical card in Missouri.


How Long is a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card Valid?

The validity period of a Missouri medical marijuana card lasts for one year. Every year, patients need to undergo re-evaluation by a physician, complete a state application, and cover the state fee to renew their medical marijuana approval.

Should Missouri legalize recreational cannabis, the duration of the MMJ card’s validity may be extended from one year to three years.


Can I Renew a Medical Card After the Expiration Date?

Once the medical marijuana card has expired, patients can easily schedule an appointment to obtain their initial MMJ certification. Renewing the medical card in Missouri before it expires is recommended, as it is more cost-effective compared to getting a new certification.


What are the Requirements for a Missouri MMJ Card?

Before you can learn the process of renewing a medical card online, it’s essential to ensure that you still fulfill the criteria for obtaining a Missouri MMJ card. To acquire a Missouri medical marijuana card, patients need to meet the following conditions:

Reside in Missouri and provide proof of residency, which can be done through a Missouri driver’s license, Missouri I.D., current Missouri utility bill, or Missouri motor vehicle registration.

Have one of the qualifying medical conditions recognized by the state, such as:

Intractable migraines
Severe or persistent pain/muscle spasms (including conditions associated with multiple sclerosis,
Parkinson’s disease
Tourette’s syndrome
Psychiatric disorders (including PTSD)
Inflammatory bowel disease
Crohn’s disease
Huntington’s disease
Sickle cell anemia
Alzheimer’s disease agitation
Wasting syndrome, or any other chronic, debilitating, or medically significant condition as determined by a doctor’s professional judgment.


How Much Does a Missouri Medical Card Cost You?

What is the price of a medical card? The cost of a medical marijuana card in Missouri consists of two fees: the doctor’s evaluation for medical cannabis certification and the state application fee. We will now clarify the details of these two fees that constitute the total cost of the medical card. Therefore, what is the precise cost of a Missouri MMJ card?


Cost of Doctor’s Visit MMJ Certification

The initial charge pertains to the expense of your medical cannabis approval appointment with the doctor. At this appointment, a licensed physician will assess your condition and verify if you meet the necessary medical criteria set by the state.

Patients have the option to either consult a nearby physician in person for medical cannabis evaluation or opt for an online alternative. The cost of obtaining a medical card in Missouri can differ depending on the clinic you choose, as various clinics may charge varying amounts for the doctor’s appointment. On average, the cost of a doctor’s appointment for medical cannabis certification in Missouri ranges from approximately $150 to $200.


Cost of State Application

The second charge pertains to the application fee for the state. Once you have obtained your medical cannabis certification, you are required to enroll through Missouri’s DHSS Complia application portal within 30 days. This involves filling out the state application and submitting the corresponding fee.

So, what is the expense involved in obtaining a medical card? Specifically, how much does a medical card cost in Missouri? On average, the total cost for a Missouri medical card could range from around $160 to $230.


Does Insurance Help Cover The Cost of an MMJ Card?

Health insurance companies do not offer assistance in covering the expenses associated with obtaining a medical marijuana certification. Despite medical cannabis being legalized in Missouri, it remains illegal at the federal level.


How Often Do I Pay For a MO Medical Card?

A Missouri MMJ card remains valid for a year, necessitating the annual payment of both a doctor’s certification and a state fee. Whenever you seek to renew your medical card, you’ll need a doctor’s approval for medical cannabis again.


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Renewing your MMJ card in Missouri is now more accessible and convenient than ever before. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can navigate the renewal process with ease and continue to benefit from the therapeutic properties of medical cannabis.

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