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Sundae Driver

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About Sundae Driver Strain

History & Genetics

Consider Sundae Driver, a creation of Cannarado Genetics, if you’ve ever longed for the ideal strain to take along on a Sunday drive. This enigmatic team created a well-balanced hybrid by breeding Fruity Pebbles OG with Grape Pie, making it an excellent travel companion or houseplant.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Sundae Driver has between 14% and 16% THC, making it mild enough for the majority of users to enjoy. These olive green buds have purple undertones, crimson pistils, and sparkling white trichomes that create a rainbow of hues for your eyes to feast upon. Rich chocolate and sweet and sour fruit combine to make a pleasing flavor and scent combination. A faint undertone of earth provides a necessary counterbalance. Sundae Driver can be fantastic at any time of day, despite the fact that some people might think of her as a dessert strain.


This bud is exactly what you need if you want to feel both energized and relaxed at the same time. Take advantage of this time to engage in some creative activities or socialize with friends since most users report that her immediate effects include a surge of euphoria along with a little bit of energy. Everything that goes up must come down, as we all know, and reports of this comedown include sensations of relaxation that may result in a nap, if you smoke enough.

Due to her upbeat demeanor, Sundae Driver is frequently used by patients in hospitals to brighten their spirits. The next time you get a migraine or cramps, try inhaling a few puffs because she is reportedly just as helpful for physical ailments. Again, if you overindulge sufficiently and have a low tolerance, Sundae Driver might be able to put you to sleep.


One glance of Sundae Driver should make you want to plant it in your backyard as soon as possible. The mystery is that Cannarado Genetics doesn’t appear to provide this specific strain on their website. Although Sundae Driver was used in many other hybrids, finding seeds of this particular strain is difficult. If you do manage to get your hands on some, make preparations in advance because it is said that she takes anywhere between 7 and 10 weeks to develop.

Sundae Driver is ideal for just about everyone; less experienced users may start off gently with her and time the peak of their high to occur later in the day, while more seasoned users can indulge in her buds freely. No matter what your plans are for the day, her blend of superb flavors and balanced effects usually checks all the boxes.

Sundae Driver Strain Helps With


23% of respondents claim it lessens anxiety.


18% of respondents claim it lessens stress.


17% of respondents claim it alleviates their depression.


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