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About Strawnana Strain

In the cannabis world, the strawanana strain has gained more popularity since its debut in the 2015 high times cannabis cup. Strawnana is also known as ‘strawberry banana’ because of its sweet and fruity taste with hash-like spicy smell. It is believed to be a cross between banana Kush and strawberry bubble gum.
It contains 70% indica and 30% of sativa, making it useful for pain and stress relief. Strawanaa strain contained THC of 32% as per labs at Emerald Cannabis Worx LLC in 2018. They show this strain has much to offer, even though the market’s general variety is closer to 22%.

History & Genetics

This strain is formed by cross-breeding two well-known parent strains. It is a composition of strawberry bubble gum and banana Kush, making it indica dominant. It is considered that this strain came from Asian countries. The strawanana strain originated by crossing serious seeds and DNA genetics of strawberry’s variant bubble gum and Crockett’s banana Kush.

The creator aims to add fruity and sweet notes to provide a balanced hybrid effect. Because of this, it has gained more popularity. Its hybrid nature of mixing indica and sativa grabs the attention of cannabis consumers.

These strains have made a remarkable name in cannabis history because of their taste and unique aroma. Strawnana, a cannabis hybrid strain, is known for its appealing taste and well-balanced distinctive genetic background that combines the sweetness of strawberries and bananas.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavour

The appearance of the strawanana can depend upon composition and cultivation. The color of the plant depends upon genetics and cultivation. Its buds have dark green like olives with big red hairs and thick crystal leaves, and its hairs are orange in color, masking their way through buds.

Strawanana plants are coated with thick trichomes and glittery glands that produce terpenes and cannabinoids. The size of these plants is medium in height and conical in shape, and their leaves often surround the buds and provide a backdrop to the dense clusters of calyxes.

The strawanana plants have an engaging smell of sweet and earthy, plus the strawberry strain makes it one of the most aromatic strains available. It tastes the same as it has been named, providing the flavors of both banana and strawberry. Strawnana is a strain that cannabis enthusiasts greatly prize due to the combination of these flavors. Its creamy and dessert-like features and sweet and fruity flavor make it popular among cannabis users.


Like any other cannabis, it is essential to consider the THC level, as strawman contains 32% THC level. Start with some low dose and engage in the process to enjoy it for longer. Known your tolerance level and according to that increase or decrease your dose. Take several minutes gaps in each dose. Also, consume food so it will balance your tolerance level.

Avoid combining alcohol with cannabis. It will have a heavy impact and will get out of your tolerance level. You can have a more controlled and pleasant experience with Strawnana or any other cannabis strain by keeping your dose reasonable.


The strawman strain is known for its balanced effects, providing consumers with a positive and joyful effect. After consuming this strain, many users have found out that it gives a sensation of well-being, which treats symptoms like stress, tension, headache, and depression as well. Also, if you are not able to sleep, then strawnana will help them to relax, which will make you sleepy.

However, its balanced combination of sativa and indica makes it an excellent choice for those seeking mental calmness and raising creativity. It’s crucial to remember that the cannabis effect can differ from person to person depending on the dosage and tolerance of an individual. In order to optimize the positive results and reduce the danger of risk, it is always advised to be cautious and consume it moderately.

Methods of Consumption

The versatility of the strawnana strain has grown to its various ways of consumption over the years. First, we have the traditional method of consumption using joints or pies since it has a rapid effect on the users. The second method is vaping by heating the strawnana flowers at a low temperature to produce smoke to experience a smooth and less harsh smoking experience.

The third step is nowadays there are new ways of consumption called pills some dispensaries provide these pills of the strawnana strain. Fourth is dabbing, in which cannabis is converted into a wax-like structure, then you have to heat it and inhale it. Doing this process, make sure your cannabis is low at THC.


Growing strain indoors gives you control over the environment and requires little maintenance. Try maintaining a high humidity level and a temperature of 70 degrees during the day. The buds may also be exposed to freezing temperatures during the developing process to develop purple patches.

It will take 8-9 weeks for flowering and 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. After some time, when flowers bloom, gently harvest Strawnana’s buds and hang them upside-down to encourage resin production. Meanwhile, in this process, regular inspection of plants is necessary because they should avoid catching pests and diseases.


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