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Strawberry Guava

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About Strawberry Guava Strain

Simply referred to as “Strawberry Guava,” the Strawberry Guava hybrid cannabis strain is a delicious and sweet blend of tropical fruitiness and well-balanced effects. We will explore the fascinating world of the Strawberry Guava in this blog. Learn about its genetics, history, look, flavor, scent, and dosage, as well as the various ways people consume it.

History & Genetics

The Strawberry Guava strain’s genetic lineage is still partly a mystery, which adds to its attractiveness. It is usually considered to be a cross between the Strawberry Banana strain and a Papaya strain, likely Guava Dawg or Guava Kush, even if the exact ancestry is not always well-documented.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

The buds of Strawberry Guava often have a vivid green hue, orange pistils, and a frosty trichome covering. The aesthetic attractiveness of the strain frequently reflects the lush, tropical areas from which it draws inspiration.

Strawberry Guava does not disappoint in terms of scent. It gives out a pleasant, tropical scent with notes of juicy guava and strawberries. The aroma is not only alluring but also makes you feel as though you are in a tropical paradise.

The Strawberry Guava taste profile is similarly alluring. An excellent combination of sweet, fruity aromas like ripe strawberries and guava welcome the taste. This tropical combination frequently includes a whiff of earthiness, resulting in a complex and enticing flavor experience.


Depending on a person’s tolerance, experience, and intended results, the correct dose of Strawberry Guava may differ. For novices, it’s best to start with a minimal dose of any cannabis strain and gradually increase it as necessary.

Because of its well-balanced properties, strawberry guava may be dosed to provide either a moderate, calming feeling or a more potent, more euphoric high. Always be cautious to prevent excessive use and any potential adverse effects.


Both the body and the mind can benefit from Strawberry Guava’s balanced range of benefits. Some of the main side effects of this strain include the following:

Methods of Consumption

The adaptability of Strawberry Guava allows people to enjoy it in a variety of ways according to their preferences:


If you’re interested in growing Strawberry Guava, take into account the following:


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