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About Space Cake Strain

History and Genetics

Space Cake is an indica-predominant hybrid cannabis strain. Space Cake was created by Bodhi Seeds and was first cultivated in the US. This marijuana organization is well renowned in the cannabis industry for its intense love for organically cultivating the best hybrid strains. The amazing geniuses of Bodhi Seeds crossed the perennially popular Girl Scout Cookies with Snow Lotus to create this wonderful combination.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

These magnificent grape-shaped buds are frequently forest green in color with undertones of deep purple. They have burnt orange hairs and a layer of trichomes that frequently take on an amber hue.

These buds emit a complex aroma, and it frequently takes a keen nose to figure out all of their subtleties. It is frequently described as having a background of earthy herbs and spices with strong, dank undertones, complemented by aromas of nuts, sweet berries, and acidic gasoline. The flavor is more simple and frequently consists of hot nuts combined with sweet fruit and sour herbs.


The Space Cake high is quite nostalgic in nature because it is a pleasant joint to enjoy with pals. It will make you long for happier times when you could relax with your friends, smoke a few joints, and live carefree. The high starts with a lifting sensation that will leave you feeling ecstatic and elevate your spirits to incredible heights. For quite some time, this experience spreads and changes, swinging between intense rest and euphoric energy.

Your mind will eventually settle into a state of near-sedation that is comparable to being stoned, but it won’t take long. You’ll experience a little confusion and lack of focus in this new condition, but you’ll be too at ease to give it much thought. Fortunately, the long-lasting benefits of Space Cake won’t leave you feeling drowsy when you eventually wake up, making it a great choice for a midday smoke.


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