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About Sour OG Strain

History & Genetics

The renowned strains OG Kush and Sour Diesel were crossed to create Sour OG, commonly known as 818 Headband.

A 50/50 hybrid strain known as Sour OG provides a balanced sativa/indica high, an alert mind, and a relaxed body. When cultivated properly, the THC percentage typically hovers around 20% with a minimal CBD content of only 0.2 percent. In the Michigan hybrid category of the 2011 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, this strain took first place.

Appearance, Aroma, & Flavor

The strain has orange hair and crystals in a green color. The plant’s appendages, or trichomes, are big, spherical, dense, and sticky. Lemon, pine, and petrol are the main scents of sour OG, with a fruity and sweet undertone. The flavor is unique to anything you’ve ever tasted, according to some fans.


When you choose Sour OG, you can anticipate experiencing calm and happiness. It won’t hold you back, and you’ll still be able to accomplish your goals. After a few hours, when you start to wind down and still feel calm, the high fades swiftly, intensifies, and then disappears.

The strain’s calming qualities are appealing to medical users. Sour OG is used by those who experience pain, despair, anxiety, or stress because it produces a high like no other. One hit is sufficient to end all pain and anxiety. Others enjoy it because it makes them feel hungry; those who have difficulties eating could become extremely hungry after smoking Sour OG.

Recreational users have diverse opinions about Sour OG. They claim it is quick-acting and causes mind-blowing, hallucinatory effects. According to reports, the strain provides a pleasant, talkative feeling or a euphoric high that works well in the mind. The intensely dank aroma of Sour OG suggests that it is a strong medication used by intermediate or experienced cannabis consumers who will tolerate its sedative and euphoric effects.


The usual flowering time for Sour OG is 8 weeks, and it grows well both indoors and outdoors. The plant develops to a medium height when grown inside using straightforward hydroponics. The colas of the plant have a good structure and a medium yield.

Sour OG Strain Helps With


38% of respondents claim it lessens stress.


34% of respondents claim it lessens anxiety.


29% of respondents claim that it lessens depression.


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