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About Slurricane Strain

History & Genetics

Slurricane, an indica-dominant strain that is quickly rising to the top of the cannabis market, offers users everything they could possibly desire in a joint. The crew at In House Genetics created a legend by combining Do-Si-Dos with Purple Punch. They’ve experimented with a broad variety of phenotypes, and it appears that Slurricane will soon be crossed with other strains to produce some truly spectacular plants.

Appearance, Flavor & Aroma

Most people agree that this strain is best suited for more seasoned consumers because her THC content can go as high as 28%. Large, fluffy, dark-colored nugs with a dense layer of white trichomes that under the appropriate lighting have a slight purple tint. Users may anticipate a blend of cherries, spice, cream, and perhaps a hint of tropical fruit to dance around their tongue while they smoke. Both flavors and fragrances closely resemble one another. Slurricane is advised to be used in the evening, therefore she might be the ideal dessert bud.


Your specific experience with this lady will be much influenced by your tolerance, but in general, users may anticipate the typical roller coaster high. Your mind may first experience a wave of bliss, which is frequently accompanied by a series of tingles that start at the back of the head and spread down to your toes. The actual results begin to manifest just as you begin to believe that you cannot possibly be happier. The majority of people claim that Slurricane cause strong sedation, which frequently results in sleep. As a result, grab some snacks and make yourself comfy before you lie down on your couch because it’s unlikely that you’ll be getting up anytime soon.

We’ve all experienced those exhausting days when we’d give everything to forget about them. For the majority of individuals, Slurricane is the perfect solution to meet that challenge. Knowing your tolerance is advised before consuming any marijuana, but it is especially advisable in this case because her degrees of sedation may increase to unprecedented levels.


With regard to Slurricane, In House Genetics does collaborate with a large number of online seed suppliers. It’s a fantastic strain for both novice and experienced growers. Although the plant will grow similarly whether it is grown indoors or outdoors, outdoor plants will produce substantially more, up to a pound per plant. Around 14 to 16 ounces will be produced by indoor plants.

Medical Uses

Due to its potential medicinal benefits, Slurricane is a well-liked cannabis strain among medical marijuana patients. Slurricane is a fantastic strain for people who experience mood-related problems and sleeplessness because of its calming and relaxing properties, which can help to lessen these disorders. It has been known to offer alleviation without having the strong sedative effects that some other strains can have, therefore it is frequently used to treat chronic health disorders.

Slurricane also has a fruity and pleasant flavor, which may appeal to medical users who find it difficult to consume other strains owing to their taste or smell. Before taking Slurricane for medical reasons, like with any cannabis product, a healthcare provider must be consulted.

Recreational Uses

For recreational users who are looking for a tranquil and peaceful high, Slurricane is a fantastic strain. This variety is ideal for relaxing after a hard day or taking it easy at home. Slurricane is a great strain for social occasions because of its relaxing qualities, which can also assist to lessen disorders of the mood.

Slurricane is popular among recreational users who also utilize it for artistic pursuits like writing and painting. The calming and unwinding properties of this strain might aid in enhancing focus and fostering creativity. Slurricane is the ideal strain for a stress-free and joyful experience, whether you want to unwind at home or work on creative projects.


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