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About Skywalker Strain

History & Genetics

Skywalker is a 50/50 hybrid strain, having a THC content of up to 15%,. Known for its delicious flavor and aroma as well as its mellow Indica high, this strain is well-liked by many. A sensation of euphoria quickly sets in, and while couch-lock doesn’t normally result from it, it usually makes a person feel a little sluggish or even asleep.

Skywalker, a hybrid of Mazar and Blueberry, was produced by Dutch Passion. This strain may be grown by new growers as it is reasonably simple to grow. This strain should be grown indoors because it takes eight to nine weeks to finish flowering. Plants may produce up to 400 grams per square meter if planted in the best conditions.


This strain is excellent for unwinding because it also has additional cerebral effects that elevate and make users joyful. As with Skywalker’s munchies impact, the body high that goes along with these effects is moderate in comparison to some pure Indicas but nonetheless numbingly effective. Unfortunately, this strain still has all of the typical side effects, including headaches, dry mouth and eyes, drowsiness, and paranoia.

While not everyone who uses Skywalker gets pulled down to the depths of sleep, prudent new users should reserve this strain for evening or nighttime usage. It is frequently the medicine of choice for people who experience stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Skywalker can help with less severe aches and pains but is not advised for intense or severe pain. Additionally, the strain is used to increase appetite, combat depression, and ease motion sickness.

Skywalker Strain Helps With


45% of individuals claim that it relieves stress.


39% of folks claim it lessens their pain.


33% of respondents said it lessens anxiety.


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