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About Runtz OG Strain

Runtz OG is a well-rounded, delectable, and fair strain.Cookies Fam combined the Zkittlez and Gelato strains to create this delectable California diesel. Although the end product may make you think of Triple Scoop and Corleone Kush, Runtz OG still has a lot of unique tricks up its sleeve to establish itself apart.

Appearance, Aroma, & Flavor

You won’t always be able to predict what you’ll get in your garden because Runtz has a variety of phenotypes. It might develop more in the indica or sativa fashion. In any case, Runtz OG is covered in a thick layer of sweet resin that gives the plant a strong appearance, smell, and feel—especially when used in concentrates. This may increase its scarcity; Californian growers consider themselves fortunate if they can obtain real Runtz. They receive vibrant, grape-green nugs with dark purple undertones and lavender crystals as a reward.

When this strain first emerges, it smells sweet and wears its vibrant leaves like a sleeve as it approaches your nose. The flavor is like a delectable fruit cocktail, with flavors of tart berries and exotic citrus. The tropics will give off scents of soil and herbs.


Runtz OG’s effects start out positive and euphoric, it feels like striking your forehead with a paradoxical calm punch. Your limbs will start to twitch as the warm Runtz sensation spreads to them, locking you to your couch. After Runtz slaps you around, you won’t be able to move for a while. Due to a THC content that can reach approximately 30%, you’ll be thoroughly relaxed, sleeping, and drowsy in no time.

Runtz OG is a favorite among those who experience insomnia. Due to its total subjugation of all your brain activities and replacement with obedient hours of fruity joy, it can also work wonderfully for folks who suffer from stress and worry. The munchy relaxation you’ll experience from Runtz OG can help if you usually feel nauseous or have a low appetite.


Growers claim that the buds of this strain are covered in resin and range in color from deep purple to lime green. For both intermediate and experienced growers, Runtz is a popular strain option.

Both indoor and outdoor growing
7-9 weeks or 63 days of flowering
Runtz will reach maturity when grown outdoors in mid-October.
Smaller yields than usual

Runtz Strain Helps With


18% of respondents said it lessens anxiety.


13% of respondents said it lessens stress.


12% of individuals report it lessens their depression.


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