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About OGKB Strain

The term ‘OGKB’ stands for “Original Gangsta Kush breath,” which contains unique genetics and flavour. The OGKB is a strong indica hybrid full of aroma. This strain is a member of the Cookies family, which involves well-known Girl Scout Cookies.

It has THC content measured between 14% to 25%. It is also used to cross-breed the award-winning strain known as OGKB 2.0. It appears to have significant and well-formed buds. OGKB strain contains a rich flavour profile, which contains the taste of sweet barriers and earthy undertones and a mild flavour of mint and chocolate, making it unique in taste.

History & Genetics

The OGKB strain contains a unique history because this strain is part of the broader Cookies family of strains. It is said to be a breed of Girl Scout cookie and face-off OG. The GSC cookie is known for its sweet and earthy flavour profile. It started gaining popularity in California and then later on in the world of cannabis as well.

The face-off OG is famous for promoting relaxation, euphoria, and a sense of prosperity, which can be particularly useful for reducing stress and treating particular illnesses. The hereditary qualities of the strain offer a mix of Sativa and indica impacts, giving it an adaptable choice for both creational and healing cannabis consumers.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

There is variation in OGKB strain depending upon the atmosphere and cultivation. This OGKB plant is known for its thickness and compact structure and has tight groups of thickly packed petals.

Also, colour variation can differ with the environment, so its leaves can be vibrant green, dark blue, blackish shades, and sometimes deep purple. Like other cannabis, it also has orange and reddish-brown hair colour. The OGKB strain buds have a sticky and shining appearance because of the high THC.

These plants are conical in shape, with a rounded top and a solid compact structure. The buds of these plants are coated with trichomes with small hair-like looks that contain cannabinoid terpenes. It has a strong flower aroma, like a toasted, nutty scent, which tastes the same as it smells. Also, it will make you feel like a sweet and creamy dessert.


While consuming any strain, there are some precautions that need to be followed. It is good to start with some low doses, go slow, take more time, and enjoy the process. Consider the level of THC since it ranges between 14 to 25%, so it’s better to start with mild doses.

Selecting proper consumption methods like smoking and vaping can provide long-lasting effects, but it also gives a kick. If you have a medical condition, then keep that in mind don’t overdue yourself. Drink plenty of water so it will not dry your mouth, and avoid alcohol consumption right after consuming cannabis.


The effect of any strain can differ from person to person according to their tolerance level and consumption. An OGKB strain provides balanced elements of indica and sativa. This strain cures various causes like depression, sleep disorders, and low appetite-like problems. If a person suffers from depression, it helps them relax their mind and focus on other things.

Also, if a person cannot fall asleep, it helps to fall asleep quickly. Some people do not feel hunger, which can be cured by consuming the OGKB strain. Consumption of OGKB delivers sharp sensory, so if you listen to music right after consumption, you will feel enjoyable.

Methods of Consumption

The consumption of OGKB has various ways. Some people also prefer traditional ways of smoking flowers, vaping, joints, pipes, and bongs. Many consumers mainly prefer smoking and vaping because it gives the fragrance of chocolate and mint flavour.

Its addictive fragrance is liked by many people. Also, OGKB lends itself to various applications, including creating edibles, tinctures, and concentrates. This allows users to experiment with different consumption methods according to individual preferences. Avoid consuming large amounts of strain in one sit, keep gaps between each consumption.


To grow OGKB, you need to start with selecting the location, whether it is indoor or outdoor, depending upon preference. Indoor cultivation gives more control over the atmosphere and light, which helps to grow plants ideally. An OGKB strain can be grown in soil as well as coconut coir make sure that the medium you are using has a proper drainage system.

Also, use good soil for better output. These plants require a temperature range between 21 to 29 degrees and humidity around 40 to 50 %. Make sure to reduce humidity to 30 or 40 % during vegetation. For fertilization, use wood ash, phosphorus, fish meal, bone meal, and rock dust this provides healthy growth to plants.

After this process, you have to wait for flowering OGKB’s flowering period is 8 to 10 weeks. Once they properly grow, gently harvest them and keep them for drying for at least 1-2 weeks in cold and dark places. Store your weed in a cold and dry place also, keep it away from light.


1. Which is better OG or Kush?

A Kush strain provides relaxation and calming effects, whereas an OG strain is known for its strong and joyful effect.

2. Does the OGKB strain have any CBD content?

The OGKB strain contains a 45% indica and 55% sativa ratio.

3. Does the OGKB strain have any CBD content?

Yes, it contains a high level of CBD ranging between 10% to 11%

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