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NYC Diesel

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About NYC Diesel Strain

History & Genetics

A predominantly sativa hybrid known as NYC Diesel has taken home nine separate cannabis cup prizes, albeit not all of them have been for first place. Soma Seeds is the producer of NYC Diesel. This strain’s genetics include Afghani and Mexican sativa.

Appearance, Aroma, & Flavor

The strain yields a citrus flavor that is sweet and commonly compared to red grapefruit, with a little diesel undertone. NYC Diesel generally grows in long, bright green nugs with a frosty covering of trichomes.


Such an uncommon flavor produces a potent high that often gives consumers energy and mental stimulation. Typically, this activation is accompanied by a rush of perceptive creativity and uplifting emotions of exhilaration. A moderately numbing body stone that comes along with these effects can make some users, particularly first-time users, feel lethargic and like they need to sit down or sleep. In addition, NYC Diesel has a potent “munchies effect” as well as the usual side effects of dry mouth, dry eyes, paranoia, headaches, and dizziness.

This sativa strain is typically used as ‘wake and bake’ medicine to start off many medical users’ days full of vigor, but for some, its afternoon use may be necessary due to its potent high.

Similar to many other cerebral highs, patients seeking treatment for problems linked to stress, anxiety, and depression frequently choose NYC Diesel. Still, the physical impacts of the strain may make mild to moderate chronic aches and pains easier to handle. Finally, those hoping to boost their appetite and recover from various eating disorders can benefit from the potent munchies effect.


Although this strain may be grown both indoors and outdoors but it thrives indoors. Unfortunately, because blooming can take up to 85 days, many people give up on trying to grow this strain.

NYC Diesel Strain Helps With


39% of respondents claim it lessens stress.


32% of respondents claim it lessens anxiety.


27% of respondents claim that it lessens depression.


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