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About Mimosa Strain

In the vibrant tapestry of cannabis strains, few names evoke the same sense of vibrancy and zest as ‘Mimosa.’ This captivating strain, renowned for its uplifting effects and captivating aroma, has captured the attention and admiration of cannabis enthusiasts around the world.

Mimosa is a popular and well-loved hybrid cannabis strain celebrated for its balanced effects and distinctive sensory experience. Named after the beloved brunch cocktail, this strain is a harmonious blend of both Sativa and Indica characteristics. It offers users a multifaceted and memorable cannabis encounter.

History & Genetics

Mimosa’s genetic lineage is a fusion of the Clementine and Purple Punch strains. Clementine, known for its citrusy aroma and uplifting effects, contributes to Mimosa’s energizing qualities. On the other hand, Purple Punch lends its relaxation-inducing properties and complex flavor profile. This genetic pairing results in a strain that delivers a unique synergy of effects.

Mimosa was developed through rigorous breeding and selection to produce the desired traits. Breeders of the strain sought to combine the energizing qualities of Clementine with the relaxing effects of Purple Punch. The outcome is a hybrid strain that offers a well-balanced high and appeals to a variety of users of cannabis.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Olive-green, tiny, thick, and rounded buds develop on the plant. The buds are covered in a thick covering of dark amber hairs, and the white trichomes glitter. On those sluggish mornings when you can’t get going (and genuine mimosas aren’t accessible), mimosa is fantastic for igniting some enthusiasm. It has the same sour-sweet, berry-like, tropical citrus, and citrus flavor without the headache. In fact, if you consume your drinks in plant form, you might even lose the headache you already have.

The strain’s aroma is a burst of citrusy goodness, reminiscent of its Clementine parentage. Notes of orange, lemon, and tropical fruits create a refreshing and uplifting olfactory experience. When consumed, Mimosa’s flavor profile mirrors its aroma, delivering a zesty citrus burst with underlying herbal and earthy tones.


A common adage in the cannabis community is “start low and go slow.” For Mimosa and other strains, this means beginning with a low dose and allowing your body to adjust before consuming more.

For those new to Mimosa or cannabis in general, a starting dose of 2-5 milligrams of THC is recommended. This small amount allows you to gauge how the strain affects you without overwhelming your system. After the initial experience, you can gradually increase the dose in small increments to find the balance that suits your preferences.


The benefits of using the Mimosa strain for therapeutic purposes outweigh those of actual mimosas. The strain is renowned for reducing stress and stabilizing your mood. Many people with ADD and ADHD enjoy smoking Mimosas to relax and improve their attention on daily duties. A Mimosa puff is said to be effective in treating depression, headaches, and loss of appetite.

You’ll be able to think more clearly and work more intently as you inhale the woodsy, flowery notes blended with herbs and berries. Because of this, we advise Mimosa as a morning strain so you may get a boost of energy without having to worry about sedation or stress (just have water close by).

The first effects of the mimosa high are an increase in energy and mental clarity, along with a genuine “lift” of your focus, spirit, and mental clarity. As your brain adjusts to its new focus, your depression will start to fade away, and your task will command your whole attention. A feeling of mental bliss accompanies this.

Methods of Consumption

Mimosa can be enjoyed in different ways. It offers users the flexibility to choose an approach that aligns with their preferences and intentions. Many vouch for traditional smoking in joints or bongs. It allows for an immediate and direct experience of its flavors and effects. Vaporization is also a popular method, which heats the cannabis without combustion and offers a smoother inhalation experience while preserving the strain’s aromatic terpenes.


This variety takes about nine weeks to blossom. It will be ready for yield by mid-October, maybe even later if you are growing it outdoors.

If you want to harvest mimosa with a moderate THC content, mimosa is not very challenging to grow. But in order to reach the coveted 27%, we advise using a high-nutrient plant food to motivate your strain to produce. In terms of nourishment, mimosa is needy than the typical plant and has a reputation for needing encouragement to grow to its total capacity.


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