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About Limoncello Strain

Limoncello is as mouth watering as it sounds. This strain is a strong hitter. It was developed as a cross between The Original Lemonade and Cherry Pie and called after the well-known lemon-zesty ethanol beverage. The THC content is about 25%, which is about the same as the alcohol percentage of the beverage. They both have the best potential to blow your brains out.

The strain goes by several names, including “Lemoncello,” “Limon Cello,” and “Lemonchello 28.” Whatever name it goes by, this strain is a crisp and fruitful good time from Spain-based grower Seedsmen Seeds. It has a delicious flavor and a lovely perfume even when it’s still in the ground. The sativa-like leaves are exquisite, thin, and the plant fans out with a lot of side branches. When cultivated outdoors, Limoncello develops into a cunning little Christmas tree-shaped plant with enormous, thick nugs in sharply tapering buds that are covered in wispy amber hairs and opaque, nearly milk-white trichomes.

The narrative is a little different indoors. Expert growers advise maintaining Limoncello well-pruned and modded for lower heights in limited places. As it grows larger, its leaf structure makes it challenging to control. But still growers admire its diverse, dense main cola and numerous side growths. They all have frosty, dark-green leaves and a lemony scent.

Aroma, Taste and Flavor

Speaking of lemons, Limoncello could quickly become a household favorite because of its bright flavor. The tart flavor, which is bursting with lemon and cherry, is overall tangy but has a mild earthiness that should make you feel even more relaxed.  This strain won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2008 and 2009 for a reason!


The strain is lively, and with its assistance, you will be as well. Users of limoncello report feeling happy, upbeat, and enthusiastic. It can be a blessing at the end of the week for people who experience anxiety, mood swings, despair, and weariness. Additionally, limoncello has a reputation for calming irritability and mood swings. This equally pungent strain may be ideal for those whose personalities can become quite noxious in the worst of situations.

This strain has a flavorful blend of lemon, herbs, berries, and flowers. It also has the euphoric end-of-week soothing energy you need to start your weekend off right.


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