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Lemon Kush

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About Lemon Kush Strain

Lemon Kush can refer to several different related strains. The Lemon Kush strain is said to have been produced by crossing Lemon G with Afghan Kush. Lemon Kush cultivars have been found to have between 15% and 26% THC, making them a moderate to strong psychoactive substance.

Lemon Kush features smaller-than-average buds that resemble nuggets. They maintain an indica-like tight and thick bud structure rather than a sativa-like one. Due to a thick layer of trichomes, its leaves’ pale green color is made to look lighter. Buds become sticky from all this resin, making it challenging to separate them without a grinder. However, as the buds are broken, a smooth and sweet lemon aroma is released. The citrus profile is balanced off by the Kush-like flavors of dank soil and musk that are present in intact buds.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Lemon Kush is a particularly strong strain that expands inside the lungs when smoked, frequently causing coughing. The aftertaste is tart and lemony, but there isn’t the ammonia or diesel flavor like other lemon-inflected strains have.

The chemical substance, or terpene, that gives Lemon Kush its lemony flavor and aroma is called D-Limonene. Citrus fruits naturally contain d-limonene, which is utilized commercially to improve the scent of lotions and fragrances. In animal and test tube studies, the terpene d-limonene was discovered to have anti-inflammatory and even cancer-fighting capabilities (however these results were not repeated in a subsequent study among breast cancer patients). Acid reflux symptoms may also be reduced by d-limonene.


Lemon Kush’s high can develop gradually, taking up to 10 minutes before its effects are completely felt. This high is characterized by an improved sense of mental focus. This strain is excellent for artistic endeavors or for just enjoying music or a movie because it often increases creativity and promotes quick spontaneous association of thoughts. These mental effects allow the user to conduct errands or perform household tasks like cleaning since they are less spacey and more clear-headed.

Lemon Kush also provides a little bit of a body buzz, which softens the cerebral effects and lessens the possibility of anxiety or psychosis brought on by cannabis. Lemon Kush is a strain that may be comfortably enjoyed both during the day and at night because couchlock is not frequently observed. On a physical level, Lemon Kush is thought to ease tension and headaches.


Lemon Kush can be cultivated by beginners, however, an indoor setting is advised. Plants will flourish outdoors in a warm environment that is almost Mediterranean, but they may struggle in areas that don’t experience consistent warmth and sunlight. Plants have a classic, bushy indica shape and grow between 4 and 6 feet tall indoors under high-wattage lighting. Plants should be grown in organic soil and given additional nutrient treatments such as humic acid, vitamin B, and other enzymes. In 8 to 10 weeks, Lemon Kush plants begin to flower indoors. When grown outdoors, they are ready for harvest in late September or early October.

Lemon Kush is a sweet and potent strain for individuals who wish to enjoy the best effects of both indica and sativa kinds, despite the mystery surrounding its origins. Its mental focus and free-flowing creativity have the power to uplift your spirits as well as energize and inspire you. Deep relaxation is possible with its body stone without the hassle of couchlock or apathy. Lemon Kush is a fantastic strain to share in social situations because of its distinctive citrus and peppery flavor; it makes for a special treat or a conversation starter.


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