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About Legend OG Strain

Legend OG is a 70/30 hybrid Indica dominant strain that delivers OG Kush, known for its strong and long-lasting effects. Although its genetic background is not well-documented, its composition is OG Kush. The legend Kush contains THC ranging from 20% to 25%, offering a multiflavored, well-balanced effect.

Due to this nature, it is more prevalent among cannabis consumers. Because of its relaxing effect, it is mainly preferred by people suffering from anxiety and insomnia. Plus, those people who suffer from headaches or pain.

History & Genetics

This strain originated by Swamp Boys in the southern region of California near San Fernando Valley. Legend OG is known for its relaxing effects however; its history is not widely recorded. Therefore, there are thoughts that it has OG Kush genetics because most OG variants have the same genetics.

The term “OG” stands for Original Gangster. Breeders picked and stabilized particular strains of OG Kush to emphasize specific characteristics, including its potent effects and unique aroma, to develop Legend OG.

Also, it is known for its lemony and spicy aroma, which relaxes the consumer and helps cure stress and insomnia. Legend OG is a popular strain in the cannabis world. It is renowned for its potent and relaxing effects, although its origins and breeding history are still somewhat mysterious.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavour

The legend OG strain can be easily identified since it has large and well-formed flowers, which makes it easy to identify. Their leaves are deep green and yellow, and clusters have orange hairs that help identify the strain. Kief are small and crystal-like glands that produce terpenes and cannabinoids. These plants are medium in height and have a conical shape and complex cluster of petals.

Legend OG can be easily detectable because of its intense aroma and woody scent profile. It also contains an earthy aroma of citrus and lemon, and in some other cases, it smells like it has fuel-like qualities. Because of this complex aroma, it has a unique scent profile.

When it comes to flavour, users may experience lemony and spicy flavors, which can be described as herbal. It may also have some fuel-like qualities with detectable skunk notes. It has a distinctive flavour profile that identifies it from many other cannabis strains thanks to its spicy and mildly lemony notes.


The most essential thing to consider while consuming any strain is THC level consider your strain’s THC level, and as per that, allocate your doses. Legend OG strain has a THC level between 20% to 25%, which is comparatively high, so it’s good to start with mild doses and then, as per your tolerance level, slightly increase it.

Take frequent gaps while consuming legend OG strain since it is a dominant indica consisting of 70% portion of indica in it. Smoking and vaping can provide rapid effects, but it’s enough to make you high. Some consumers prefer gummies and brownies, which can show effects after 1 to 2 hours but still start with a low dose.


There are some effects that the user should know when it is ignited. It gives a spicy and lemony taste, which helps to relax the consumers. If a consumer suffers from stress and sleep disorder, then Legend OG helps them relax their mind. Because it contains pain and stress management qualities, which provide mental peace to a person. Legend OG may also increase hunger for those whose medical conditions or therapies have caused them to lose their appetite, and this impact may be beneficial.

Methods of Consumption

Legend OG can be experienced in various ways of consumption. Smoking plays a vital role since it provides a better and more rapid effect on the consumer. Those who are looking for a mild and soft effect and prefer vaping. Nowadays, many consumers prefer beverages as an option for consuming strains by mixing their strains, but still, it has yet to be discovered how safe it is.

Some people love to bake Legend OG with oil and butter, making their strain. Also, capsules are now getting popular since they are more to consume. To have a positive and pleasurable experience with Legend OG or any other cannabis strain, be responsible and careful while using it.


For those who want to grow their own Legend OG, it is essential to know some of its crucial requirements. This strain has the flexibility to grow in both indoor and outdoor atmospheres. It requires warm weather conditions of 70–80°F with low humidity. In growing, ventilation is essential to preventing it from bugs.

If you want to grow it outdoors, then early spring days are better for it, and then after the start of October, you can start harvesting. If you are growing outdoors, ensure it gets proper sunlight and has a dry atmosphere. Meanwhile, in indoor growing, you can place a 600-watt light to provide a sunlight-like effect. Its flowering period will be 7-8 weeks.


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