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Lamb’s Bread

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About Lamb’s Bread Strain

History & Genetics

Lamb’s Bread is an energizing, alert strain that was a favorite of none other than the one and only Bob Marley. There is ongoing debate on how Jamaica’s most well-known strain, provided to you by Yardie Seeds, earned its name and who was the first to create these feminized seeds.

No matter what you call it, it is undeniably high in THC and CBD, with over 1% of the latter and between 16% and 21% of the former. This strain is also known as Lamb’s Breath.

Appearance, Aroma, & Flavor

This well-liked flower has a pungent cheese and hash flavor on the tongue, as well as a cheesy and grassy scent. The huge, golden-green nugs are covered in red hairs and have crystalline trichomes.


Whatever name it goes by—Lamb’s Bread, Lamb’s Breath, or Lambsbread—the high is the same: a heady rush of uplifting energy that instantly lifts your spirits and provides an unmatched mood boost.

Only a few puffs are necessary to kickstart the exhilaration and creativity, which will help you easily overcome an artistic block. Enjoy the stimulation as it carries you through the galaxy because this high won’t want to slow down and will persist for hours. You’ll feel like you’re in another galaxy.

This strain can be used in a wide range of medical situations. This strain is excellent for treating mental health conditions like depression, stress, bipolar disorder, and mild anxiety because of its uplifting qualities. However, excessive strain can occasionally aggravate acute anxiety and is not advised for people with PTSD. However, Lamb’s Bread can also help those with ADHD because of its capacity to focus the mind. For people who are tired, the stimulation can help improve digestion, appetite, and energy levels.


You only need to wait for 8 weeks, or until the beginning of October, to fill a bowl with this delectable bud. You may anticipate moderate growth whether you cultivate indoors or outdoors, making it ideal for intermediate gardeners. For either case, the yields are slightly above average, but they will perform better with soil and training. The plants are short and compact, making them perfect for someone looking for an indoor plant.

Wouldn’t you think that Lamb’s Bread is one to try if you believed that Bob himself adored this strain and contributed to its unrivaled popularity among strains from the small island? Let it relax you and expand your thinking. Don’t be surprised if you start using this one frequently!


Is Lamb’s Bread a hybrid?

Lamb’s Breath is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an unclear lineage. This strain gives users a happy feeling and euphoric surge.

How tall does Lambs Bread grow?

When grown indoors, the Lamb’s Bread feminized strain develops into medium-sized plants that are between 120 and 150 cm tall. In the outdoors, Lamb’s Bread cannabis seed can develop into a 2 meter tall in the appropriate conditions!

What does Lamb’s Breath smell like?

It smells strongly like cheese and skunk.

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