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Key Lime Pie

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About Key Lime Pie Strain

An alluring hybrid cannabis strain known as Key Lime Pie is praised for its delicious flavor and distinctive genetic combination. We will explore the world of Key Lime Pie in this thorough blog. On the way, let’s explore its background and genetic heritage. Get an idea of its look, scent, flavor, dosage concerns and effects. For personal use, gain points on consumption options, cultivation insights, and questions to have beneficial results.

History & Genetics

It is possible to identify two notable parent strains as the Key Lime Pie’s ancestors:

Key Lime Cookies: This strain adds to the zesty, lemony taste characteristic that characterizes Key Lime Pie. It is renowned for its exotic scent and tart, sweet flavor.

Key Lime GSC (Girl Scout Cookies): Key Lime GSC adds a hint of pleasure and relaxation to the whole experience while enhancing the flavor and scent of Key Lime Pie. It is renowned for having well-rounded effects.

Key Lime Pie, a hybrid that captures the essence of its parent strains while providing a distinctive and delectable cannabis experience, is the result of the union of these two legendary strains.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Key Lime Pie has eye-catching aesthetic appeal thanks to its thick, resinous blooms that have vibrant green colors. A striking contrast is produced by the blazing orange pistils that are frequently seen on these buds.

Key Lime Pie really excels in terms of scent. It emits a pleasant and zingy citrus perfume that smells like just-cut limes. Aroma lovers will find the perfume to be tempting since it is energizing and has notes of sweetness and earthiness.

Key Lime Pie tastes as delicious as it smells, with a tantalizing combination of sweet, tart, and zesty overtones. A piece of key lime pie strain with a graham cracker crust and a small amount of creaminess comes to mind when describing the flavor sensation. Key Lime Pie stands as a particularly decadent strain because of its mouthwatering taste profile.


Knowing how much Key Lime Pie to take is crucial, especially when using it as medicine. The dosage might change depending on the patient’s tolerance, amount of expertise, and particular therapeutic objectives. Key Lime Pie may provide treatment for a number of ailments from a therapeutic standpoint, including:

For novices or those with limited tolerance, it is advised to proceed with a modest dose. As necessary, gradually raise the dosage while keeping an eye on the results. For specific medical advice, always seek the opinion of a qualified medical expert.


The varied spectrum of benefits that Key Lime Pie gives caters to both the body and the intellect. Some of the main side effects of this strain include the following:

Methods of Consumption

Key Lime Pie may be enjoyed in a variety of ways, giving customers flexibility according to their tastes. These DIY consumption suggestions:


Consider the following cultivation advice if you’re interested in growing key lime pie:


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