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About Jetlato Strain

The delicious and potent strain known as Jet Fuel Gelato is also known as “Jetlato.” It was created as a cross between the strains Jet Fuel and Hi-Octane, which provide flavors of diesel, cream, berry, and fuel as well as a high THC content and a lingering high. The strain possesses all the characteristics of an authentic OG, including a varied terpene profile and an expressive, balanced high.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavor

The terpene profile of the Jetlato strain favors Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Humulene, giving it a variety of flavors that include different herbs, fruits, and spices. The strain grows in a novel, colorful pattern that favors both a green exterior and dark and light purple hues within the body of the strain.


Due to its genetic background, the strain has a strong overtone of diesel fuel and a spicy-herbal flavor. The flavor of the strain is varied, with undertones of pine, cream, and spicy berries as well as mint and cinnamon as it progresses. For the strain’s expanding user base, the average THC levels of 26% clearly urge this flavor to be more than just delicious; it’s also relaxing and tremendously uplifting.

When you spend time with Jetlato, the high comes on quickly and powerfully, giving you a mental punch and a surge of creative energy. The euphoria encourages you to hang out with your friends and pursue creative activities since it instills a sense of sociality and artistic aspiration. Users who experience ADHD/ADD, melancholy, exhaustion, or stress-related distractions appreciate Jetlato as a way to relax and refocus. Even arousal is reported by some users.

When grown properly, this evenly balanced strain will provide your late-afternoon hangouts tremendous strength and a strong, diversified flavor. Jetlato promotes creativity as it strikes you with fiery fuel, herb, and citrus-mint flavors, all of which add up to an energizing good time. It is best enjoyed with friends or nearby creative hobbies. Just keep in mind to dose it appropriately for your level of experience.


It flowers in about 9 to 10 weeks. The strain thrives both indoors and outdoors, producing just under a pound of marijuana per square meter when cultivated outdoors.

Growing Tips:  This strain has the potential to grow quite tall during the protracted flowering phase (Jetlato can even take up to 72 days). It can reach a height of 6 feet when inside, and 10 feet when outside. No matter where you plant Jetlato, make sure you have enough vertical room for it.


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