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About Dosalito Strain

Dosalito, sometimes known as Dolato, is a cannabis strain that gets together the best of its parent strains to create a delightful and potent hybrid. This strain is a product of the Cookie Family’s breeding expertise, combining Gelato #41 and Dosido (the Northern California phenotype).

History & Genetics

Dosalito, aptly named for its harmonic blend of genetics, is a creation of the Cookie Family, a renowned breeder known for crafting exceptional cannabis strains.
The genetic lineage of Dosalito traces back to the fusion of two distinguished parent strains: Gelato #41 and Dosido, the latter being the Northern California phenotype.

Gelato #41 is celebrated for its sweet and creamy flavors, uplifting euphoria, and relaxing physical effects. On the other hand, Dosido is cherished for its potent indica properties, characterized by its tranquilizing and stress-relieving qualities.

These two parent strains were thoughtfully selected and crossed to create Dosalito, a hybrid that skillfully combines the best attributes of both worlds.
The name “Dosalito” pays homage to music, with a subtle reference to “do-si-la,” echoing the strain’s ability to create a harmonious symphony of effects for its users.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Dosilato buds are conical, like miniature Christmas trees, covered in vivid green and purple resin and frosted with it.

Dosilato contains a terpene blend that produces an earthy pine fragrance followed by citrus sweetness. The combination is primarily due to Limonene. And also Phellandrene and Terpineol. Dosilato tastes excessively like lavender on the tongue, which is due to the floral-herb qualities in Terpineol, one of the less widely discussed terpenes.

Dosalito’s flavor profile is a sensory delight. When consumed, it offers a symphony of tastes that begins with a sweet and fruity burst, akin to biting into ripe berries. This initial sweetness is beautifully balanced by earthy and herbal notes, with a hint of spice on the exhale. The combination of flavors makes Dosalito a true connoisseur’s choice, offering a rich and satisfying experience.

Breaking open a bud of Dosalito reveals a captivating aroma that is simultaneously sweet and savory. The terpene profile of this strain produces a complex scent that combines notes of fruit and spice. It also has subtle floral undertones.


When it comes to dosing with Dosalito, it’s crucial to exercise caution, given its variable potency influenced by factors like cultivation techniques and individual tolerance. Here are some general dosing guidelines to keep in mind:

For beginners, it’s advisable to initiate with a conservative approach, such as starting with a small dose, like a single hit or a low-dose edible. It’s essential to patiently await the onset of effects before contemplating additional consumption.

On the other hand, experienced users, who may possess a higher tolerance, can consider a more moderate dosage. Nevertheless, staying attuned to one’s personal tolerance levels and making necessary adjustments accordingly remains imperative.


The high begins with profound relaxation and quiet, followed by emotions of peace. Dosilato will dazzle you. Dosilato’s impact can relieve bodily discomfort by warming your body and spreading to your limbs.

Users suffering from chronic pain and spasms can benefit physically from the strain. Those who suffer from depression and insomnia on a daily basis can benefit from it.

The flavor tones are sweet, spicy, musky, earthy, and fresh. Dosilato tastes like the great outdoors, with berries and pine trees. Dosilato can help you feel joyful, relaxed, and focused on a daily basis without sedating you.

The combination of relaxation and stimulating energy works best during the day. A THC level of 25.5% can help you overcome weariness and despair and return to work.

Methods of Consumption

Dosalito offers a versatile array of consumption methods. It permits users to customize their experience according to their priorities:

The traditional method of smoking Dosalito in the form of traditional flowers, whether via joints, pipes, or bongs, is still popular among cannabis fans. The rich flavors and benefits of Dosalito are savored by inhalation in this way. It allows for a direct and immediate experience.

For those seeking a smoother option, vaping Dosalito is an attractive choice. Vaporizing the strain’s oils or concentrates provides a cleaner inhalation experience while preserving the terpene profile and potency. All this makes it a favored method for many users.


Dosilato grows quite well on its own, but you won’t get the optimum output unless you supplement it with minerals. Magnesium and calcium will aid the plant’s growth.
We also advocate cutting the plant on a regular basis to thin out the bottom leaves. This will increase light and air circulation, giving the plant the vitamins it requires to thrive properly.
The strain grows best in temperatures ranging from 70 to 79 degrees Fahrenheit and blooms in 8 to 9 weeks. When grown correctly outside at the appropriate temperature, you can expect a gain of up to 700g per plant.


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