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Donny Burger

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About Donny Burger Strain

History and Genetics

Han-Solo Burger and GMO were crossed to create the indica marijuana strain known as Donny Burger. This strain has more relaxing effects than energizing effects. Due to its high potency and 26% THC content, Donny Burger is best suited for cannabis users with a high THC tolerance. This strain also contains a little amount of CBG. The predominant terpene in Donny Burger is pinene, which is frequently linked to the scents of pine forests. Patients who use medical marijuana said they frequently purchase this kind of strain when experiencing mild inflammation.

Appearance, Aroma and Flavor

Donny Burger features bright green, spade-shaped buds that are covered in a layer of ice trichomes and covered in an abundance of amber hairs.

It has a strong aroma with undertones of cheese and ammonia, with pine and onion being the strongest odors.

Similar to one another in flavor, it has hints of cheese, lemon, and hot pepper as well as a piney, funky onion flavor. While it may not have a flavor or aroma that makes you want to eat a burger, its strong effects will make you want to smoke it.


You will have a high sense of euphoria after smoking Donny Burger, which will leave you in a foggy state of happiness. Your body will then start to relax right away, leaving you feeling peaceful and able to carry on a conversation. This strain is a fantastic choice to aid with pain, depression, and insomnia due to its incredibly high THC content as well as its euphoric and soothing effects.

Donny Burger Strain Helps With


19% of people said it lessens anxiety.


15% of people said it lessens stress.


12% of people report it lessens their depression.


Outdoors, in warm and muggy weather, is where Donny Burger grows best. It can flower in 63 to 70 days and produce large quantities of up to 16 ounces per plant.


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