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About  Cheetah Piss Strain  

There are only a handful of names in the constantly changing world of cannabis strains that capture speed and potency like “Cheetah Piss.” Cannabis lovers have flocked to this explosive strain, which is renowned for its powerful effects and alluring aroma.

The intense fusion of genetics and effects in the cannabis world is demonstrated by Cheetah Piss. This strain has developed a devoted following among both recreational and therapeutic users thanks to its energizing properties and distinctive character.

History & Genetics  

The Cookies company’s Cheetah Piss strain expertly blends a few favourites to produce something that promotes arousal, clarity, and fuel flavors—with a lemon twist. Gelato 42, Lemonade, and London Poundcake 97 are its three parent strains; this trio is intriguing.

Gelato, lemonade, and pound cake were combined by a firm called Cookies to create Piss. This strain has a potent assortment of mind-expanding abilities in store for you. The name is a play on the ancient classic Cat Piss, but other than that, the two strains are very different from one another.

The name “Cheetah Piss” playfully reflects the strain’s reputation for its fast-acting effects and vibrant character. The Lemonade lineage contributes to the strain’s citrusy aroma and uplifting qualities, while Gelato 42 brings a sense of relaxation and balance to the experience.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavour  

The new Piss is even funkier and diesellier thanks to its terpenes, which combine less frequent cannabis flavour characteristics into a potent blend that tastes like ammonia and is reminiscent of the smelly haze of kitty litter.

The harsh fuel flavour and overpowering odour of cheetah piss cause your eyes to moisten, making it a potent plant. Cheetah Piss should be avoided for a while by those who are unaccustomed to a diesel palate or a skunky strain. Experienced users adore its excellent effects and precisely balanced structure (50/50 Indica and Sativa).

The strain’s flavor profile mirrors its scent upon consumption, offering a harmonious blend of zesty citrus and sugary sweetness that dances on the palate.


Dosing with Cheetah Piss necessitates a systematic strategy. Because this strain is so strong, it’s best to start with a little dose, especially if you’re not familiar with its effects. Beginners are advised to start with a starting dose of 1-2 milligrams of THC so they can experience the effects of the strain without feeling overly high.

Depending on personal tastes and desired strength, experienced users may take up to 10 milligrams of THC doses. As Cheetah Piss effects can be intense and potentially overpowering in greater quantities, it is imperative to use caution and moderation.


Cheetah Piss’s effects embody the essence of its namesake, delivering a burst of refreshing energy and intensity. As users experience the effects, a sweet, intensely pungent flavour of fruit, cream, and ammonia emerges. The flavour initially overwhelms your senses, and then a sense of blissful focus spreads into your psyche.

 Your social inhibitions will loosen, your creative juices will flow, and you might even feel excitement. Cheetah Piss can be harsh for your nose, but it’s an injection of joyful clarity for your brain.

This makes Cheetah Piss the perfect strain for those who need a mental lift due to exhaustion or depression. When you soak your brain with it, mood swings, worry, and chronic pain will be gone. You may feel stimulated, hungry, gregarious, creative, and calm. It has a wide range of other advantages, such as a remedy for social anxiety and even writer’s block.

The user’s background greatly impacts how effective a strain like Cheetah Piss is. We wouldn’t advise Cheetah Piss for the ordinary user, but those accustomed to the flavour of good, fuel-flavoured hash may find it tolerable. All they have to do is get past the name.

Methods of Consumption  

You can harness the potent effects and vibrant character in their preferred way. Traditional methods like vaping or smoking can be ideal to enjoy this strain. It will allow the user to experience the amazing effects of this type.

Edibles infused with Cheetah Piss offer a longer-lasting experience, with effects typically taking longer to onset. These culinary delights allow users to savour the strain’s potency and intensity over an extended period. This makes it ideal for those seeking a prolonged and dynamic experience.


Cultivating Cheetah Piss requires a blend of expertise and precision, much like a cheetah’s calculated movements. This strain’s genetics demand attention to detail and a controlled environment to thrive. Standard or feminized seeds are considered difficult to grow and yield a medium amount of Cheetah Piss. Particularly when planted in soil, the healthiest cheetah piss plants will tend to be small to medium in height.

Cheetah Piss takes 8–9 weeks to bloom. Having said that, the procedure will likely be a little different if you’re producing Cheetah Piss from auto-flowering seeds. Regardless of the light cycle, auto-flowering seeds will open their flowers automatically, and they typically mature from seed to harvest in 8 to 9 weeks.


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