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About Cat Piss Strain

Due to its name and the offensive smell it emits, many people overlook Cat Piss, a Sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain appears to be the subject of heated opinions. Either they adore it or they really detest it. The strain is adored by those who claim it to be among the best they have ever experienced because of the completely cerebral high it provides. Users claim that it gives them great emotions of contentment and creative inspiration. Many users report feeling energized after using the strain.

Despite the unappealing name, most users advise having food on hand as Cat Piss strongly evokes the want to snack. Users may feel paranoia and dizziness in addition to the anticipated cotton mouth and dry eyes. While consuming this strain, some individuals experience headaches as well.

The majority of people use cat piss to treat stress and anxiety issues because of the Sativa-like effects of the drug’s high. Many people also use it to alleviate the debilitating effects of long-term depression. Due to the energy it can produce, some people with recurrent mild aches and pains have suggested Cat Piss as an excellent morning stimulant. Some people with nausea and/or appetite loss utilize the strain because of the previously described munchies effect.


Cat Piss is a clone-only strain because it was originally a phenotypic of Super Silver Haze. Since then, a second strain bearing the same name has emerged; most experts think it is a hybrid of the original and Trainwreck. True Cat Piss may thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments. With proper care, it can produce a considerable amount of trichome-covered buds despite having a known moderate yield. The flowering period for the strain is between 55 and 65 days. Due to the strain’s Sativa dominance, it can get quite tall.

Cat Piss Strain Helps With


36% of respondents claim it lessens stress.


28% of respondents said it lessens anxiety.


24% of respondents claim that it lessens depression.


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