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Blueberry Gushers

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About Blueberry Gushers Strain

History & Genetics

The name Blueberry Gushers (also known as Blue Gushers or simply “Gushers”) comes from the well-known candy. Kids growing up in the 1990s may recall the fruit juice-like liquid seeping from the tempting candy bags.

Blueberry Gushers is a member of the Cookie and Kush families, descended from Florida’s renowned Triangle Kush and Gelato #41.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

The sour, spicy fruit flavors, tropical tones combined with grape, and stacked on top of an earthy, herby finish in Blueberry Gushers may not exactly be candy for adults, but they may bring back pleasant memories. It will also result in extraordinary relaxation at the same time.

Underneath fronds of vividly coloured leaves, the buds form long, olive-green nuggets. The trichomes, which are in great abundance, are tiny and have thin orange hairs, so you hardly notice them.


The moment you start smoking Blueberry Gushers, a tingling euphoria starts to touch the back of your head. You’ll feel energized and relaxed as you lay back into the Blueberry Gushers high, which is perfect for a leisurely night at home even though they may not taste as good as they once did. Blueberry Gushers have to be the major component in your evening meal if you want to relax with some Netflix or some extremely light-hearted, unwinding conversation with your mates.

Thankfully, you’ll only feel calm rather than drowsy or sedated. You’ll feel at ease, and these days, many of us need that. The effects of a Blueberry Gushers high can be quite beneficial for people who have persistent stress, pain, anxiety, or sadness. Since it has no sedative effects, it is not advised for those who suffer from sleeplessness; however, Blueberry Gushers can help with arousal problems related to stress and performance. It’s enough to enable you to relax and set the mood.

With a THC average that is around 20%, it is neither a slouch nor a sledgehammer; rather, it has a pleasant kick that most consumers will enjoy. It has a taste full of herbal, tangy, and fruit overtones that users find simple to get acclimated to, and its accessible THC doesn’t challenge beginners the way skunky or diesel strains can.

Blueberry Gushers might be the missing component for a chill night with friends, a Netflix date, or just a lazy couch session with some light reading before bed.


Experienced growers are often advised to use this strain because of its moderate level of growing difficulty. Although it may be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, it does best in an outdoor setting. When growing outdoors, you may anticipate it to be ready for harvest in October.


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