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Blue Runtz

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About Blue Runtz Strain

History & Genetics

Blue Runtz is a strain created by a private manufacturer who has been approved under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

Blue Runtz often leans in the direction of indica (65/35) and boldly displayed its genetic pedigree at the High Times Cannabis Cup, where it won Best Indica in 2000 for both its therapeutic properties and opulent vanilla-blueberry flavor. It is a hybrid of White Runtz and Blueberry.

Appearance, Aroma, & Flavor

This one has the same sweet, berry flavor that anyone who has had Runtz would experience to be memorable and thrilling. The plant itself features grape-like green nugs with red hairs and blue tones. Its crystal trichomes are jewel-like in appearance and have a gold tint.

The Blue Runtz strain has a zesty aroma that includes notes of lemon, blueberry, vanilla, and other alluring flavors.


With such a comforting flavor, Blue Runtz delivers warmth and relaxation without being overpowering. When you first start smoking, your neck and back will almost certainly quiver and shiver. Your entire body will continue to feel warm, and you’ll have thoughtful clarity.

The strain is excellent for users who experience a lack of creativity due to high levels of stress. This strain might aid with decision-making if you constantly feel unsure or stressed.

The lineage of Blue Runtz results in a hazy feeling that follows its rich aroma, making it a superb strain for seasoned users. Additionally, Blue Runtz users who are depressed may wish to avoid it because it’s sensations can make these symptoms worse.

Not everyone can handle the sensation of murky focus. However, the warmth seeps into your extremities and down your back. Similar to regular Runtz, Blue Runtz goes great with relaxing at the spa, retiring to bed, and lounging around the house. After a long week, those with attention difficulties, bipolar disorder, chronic pain and cramps, and other tension-related conditions can use Blue Runtz to the fullest.


Blue Runtz can be grown indoors as well as outdoors.


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