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About Black Ice Strain

The cannabis strain Black Ice doesn’t offer any unpleasant shocks like the black ice phenomena, which is normally a dangerous phenomenon to be aware of when driving or walking. The Spanish breeders, The Moon Seeds developed the indica-dominant hybrid known as Black Ice. With a hefty sedative high and a deep earthy fragrance, it is a hybrid between the infamous White Widow and Black Domina. This strain contains 19% to 24% THC.

Black Ice can be identified by small to medium-sized leafy chunks that are tightly clustered together. The leaves themselves are a mossy green color and are laced with bright orange hairs. Anthocyanin pigments in the plant’s genetics are boosted by colder than usual temperatures throughout the growth process, which is why phenotypes of this strain frequently also have areas of dark purple in their leaves. Last but not least, Black Ice beats even the parent strain White Widow in terms of resin production with its thick layer of white trichomes. The “ice” in this strain’s name may have been inspired by the trichomes that give the buds a subtle white sheen and make them extremely sticky to the touch.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

The cured buds of Black Ice emit a sweet-sour aroma of overripe berries. The flowers’ perfume is kept from being excessively sweet and tart by some musky, earthy undertones. The genetic impact of Afghani is probably what causes some notes of black pepper and incense to come through when the leaves are ground or broken up. Black Ice burns with a rich, silky smoke that is incredibly smooth to the touch and tastes acridly dank when exhaled. There can also be a faint floral aftertaste.


Black Ice provides what can be called a creeper of a high; it can take a few minutes before its effects are felt. The sensation may start off barely audible in the upper face and extremities before getting louder and louder until smokers’ features start to change into permanent smiles. Users may experience a release of any tension in their muscles as a result of their deeper, slower breathing.

Black Ice’s high mostly affects the physical body; it only has a minimal effect on the mind, slowing mental processes and causing users to feel sleepy and dreamy. The drug pairs well with passive pursuits like binge-watching or listening to psychedelic, deep music. Smokers may sense themselves gradually and pleasantly blending into their surroundings as this tranquil high wears off or as dose is raised. Therefore, it should be obvious that Black Ice is best consumed at night. Last but not least, many users say that this strain’s high lasts for less than 2 hours.


Black Ice’s calming properties are especially beneficial for medical cannabis users. It might work well to dull the distracting signs of stress and despair for a while. Additionally, it can relieve any form of discomfort. Anti-inflammatory qualities, meanwhile, may mitigate common aches and pains including indigestion and headaches. Black Ice may be used as an insomnia therapy because it can relax users to the point of immobility. This might also be a wise choice for people who are prone to panic or who have a poor THC tolerance due to its relative lack of potent, cerebral effects.


It can be grown outdoors or indoors. While outdoor cultivation typically requires humid climates with daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, this strain’s stable Afghani and Northern Lights genes may make it more resilient to challenging outdoor conditions like temperature changes. Black Ice plants have a distinctively indica appearance with a short, bushy stature and robust lateral branches. The plants should be exposed to chilly (but not freezing) nighttime temperatures if growers want to bring out the strain’s eye-catching purple hues. When cultivated inside, Black Ice blooms in 8 to 9 weeks, and it’s ready to harvest when grown outdoors in late September.


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