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About Berry White Strain

This strain makes more hints than just a word play. Berry White is a celebrity strain created by crossing Blueberry and White Widow, two very well-known parents, and is appropriately named for its smooth smokability and deep dark berry flavors. A pure indica strain developed by Colorado-based Green Beanz Seedz lacks the heavy couch lock that many indicas are known for and instead provides balanced effects on the body and mind.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Depending on how it was developed, Berry White can be a bit potent for beginner users, with THC levels ranging from 19% to 25%. The effects, however, are essentially constant; only the severity fluctuates. However, the blueberry, piney, and flowery flavors and aromas are persistently present, with traces of sour lemon and under ripe berries. The foundation colors of the enormous, popcorn-shaped buds are light olive and deep blue. Breeding results in some color diversity, ranging from completely blue to richly purple, but there is always a contrast-enhancing covering of crystal trichomes and bright orange hairs.

Berry White tends to be influenced by both indica and sativa despite having pure indica roots, which results in effects that are more like those of a hybrid than a pure strain. This strain’s meditative qualities provide total exhilaration while also calming the body and easing your muscles. A pleasant sensation pervades the body after the initial head rush, lulling you into a state of meditation and enabling the strain’s stimulants to take effect. This sparks some inventiveness and, most frequently, gives you the munchies. It’s incredibly simple to smoke too much of this strain because it’s so smooth, so beware that greater doses will cause that slight feeling of sleepiness to morph into full-blown sleep.

Medical patients adore Berry White for its restorative qualities, particularly its capacity to handle chronic discomfort and insomnia. The strain’s calming features give it the power to combat even the most obstinate aches and let you feel relaxed when your mind could typically keep you awake. Berry White is a fantastic strain for relieving the signs of sadness, ongoing stress, anxiety, and even mild cases of PTSD in people with mental health difficulties.


Berry White has an ambiguous flowering duration, with some users claiming a shorter period of about 7 weeks and others saying it takes a lengthy time and is more like 10 weeks. Although this male grows well outdoors, your best bet is to keep it in a greenhouse because it thrives in regulated surroundings. Average yields are to be expected, and the dankness of the bud may necessitate scent proofing.


The breeders claim that this strain was an accident. An accident nonetheless, although a pleasant one. It turned out to be one of the nicest versions of either of its parents to date, despite being intended as a stepping stone for a bigger project. Thankfully, all that is left is this ideal day/night strain, which will charm you with its laid-back personality and hook you with its superb flavor profile.



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