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Banana Kush

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About Banana Kush strain

Banana Kush is the hybrid between two well-known strains, ghost OG and Skunk haze. The outcome is a refreshing strain that tastes like a smooth blend of ripe bananas with a hint of earthy notes. The smell of Banana Kush also mimics its rich, fruitful taste.

This is a wonderful choice for those suffering from stress and anxiety. This exotic strain will uplift your mood and settle you in a euphoria like you have never experienced. It will help you reduce back pains and migraines and help those suffering from sleeping disorders or insomnia get better sleep.

Given its lineage, Banana Kush delivers an experience that benefits your body and mind. The medical effects make it a very popular choice for night time use.


History & Genetics

You might have heard the word Kush in many strains, which signifies the region from which it is or the strain’s lineage. The Kush strain provides strong Indica body high.

There are three types of cannabis that you can get these days and those are sativas, indicas, and hybrids. Hybrids are a mixture of Sativas and Indicas, and Banana Kush is an indicas dominant strain.

The dominant terpene flavor of the Banana Kush is limonene, which is citrusy, aiding the strain’s fruitfulness. Typically, Banana Kush is 60% sativas and 40% indicas, making it a balanced hybrid. The THC level of this strain is around 21-25%, which is pleasant for most people.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

 The brilliant neon green colours and bright yellow highlights on the Banana Kush buds make for an eye-catching look. These stunningly gorgeous nugs are proof of the strain’s high caliber and power. They increase cannabis aficionados’ attraction for this hybrid strain.

As the name suggests, the flavors and aroma resemble a cluster of ripe bananas. It also offers a mild pungent and earthy note, which can be in relationship to the skunk haze parent.

In addition to this strain, distinct taste and aroma, it is appreciated for its silky-smooth smoke texture. Hence, you won’t struggle with coughing even after an intense hit.


Given its psychedelic and euphoric effects, users should exercise precaution, especially when trying it for the first time. It is wiser to start with a smaller dose first and observe the effects, as it can vary from user to user irrespective of their tolerance.

 One of its most appreciated characteristics is its smooth smoke, so it is better to experience it rolled, for a controlled experience, a vaporizer or a pipe can also be used.



Banana Kush offers a potent indica high. It begins with making you feel lazy and will slowly sedate you.

Hence, it is generally prescribed for late evening or nighttime use. Most people find it challenging to stay awake after 3-4 hits and will feel sleepy within 1-2 hours.

Because of its characteristics as mentioned earlier, it is an excellent strain for nighttime use. Since it is a hybrid strain, it also contains euphoric cerebral effects thanks to Sativa.

It will also make you giggly and talkative while making you happy. However, it has minor side effects, like occasional dizziness, dry mouth, and headaches.


Method of consumption

There are different ways to experience the full potential of the Banana Kush strain.

 Smoking it will allow you to experience its fruitful flavors and signature tropical aroma, paired with its smooth smoke, which allows you to have intense hits with no coughing issues. You can also use a vape or a pipe as well.

Edibles also provide a pleasant experience, given the strain’s banana-like taste. Edibles also provide a solid and long-lasting effect, but the beginning of the effect might be slow to predict.


Medical application


Banana Kush has many medical applications. This strain has proven to be very therapeutic and has helped a lot of people. It has helped people lower their stress levels and overcome their sleeping disorders or insomnia. Furthermore, patients suffering from social anxiety have reported positive benefits.

However, its benefits are not only restricted there. It can help people suffering from chronic back pains, muscle spasms, and joint knee pains. Users have also reported that Banana Kush has aided them with their migraines and glaucoma as well.


If you are thinking about growing your first cannabis plant, you might want to avoid this plant, and it’s not ideal for beginners. It is a moderately tricky cannabis strain to grow, requiring constant care and attention. It offers an average yield of around 21 ounces per plant outdoors and 18 ounces per plant indoors.

Banana Kush is a plant that can be either grown indoors or outdoors. However, indoor conditions yield a better result where light and temperature flow can be controlled. Getting a good result outdoors is viable, given the right temperature and sunlight requirements are met. On the bright side, this plant is resistant to diseases and pests.

The strain has a flowering period between 8-9 weeks. When the plant is grown outside, expect the harvest to be around early October.


Are there any significant side effects?

 No, there are no known major side effects. Nevertheless, you might experience some minor effects like nausea and dryness.

 Does it have any CBD?

No, Banana Kush contains a negligible 0-1% CBD. It is a hybrid with a ratio of 60% indica and 40% sativa. It also has 18-20% THC content.

 What does Banana Kush taste like?

Banana Kush tastes and smells like a bowl of tropical fruits with a dominant banana taste, with some earthy notes, hence the name Banana Kush

 Why is it called Banana Kush?

 It is called Banana Kush because of its taste. It tastes like eating a bowl of tropical fruits or a ripe banana.

 Can a beginner grow this strain by themselves?

 No, it requires a lot of care and attention. It also has a moderate yield rate, which might upset some beginner growers.

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