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9 Pound Hammer

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About 9 Pound Hammer Strain

History & Genetics

9 Pound Hammer has a haphazard genetic history. It is a Jack the Ripper, Hell’s Angel OG, and fruity Gooberry hybrid. The same breeders behind Deep Purple and Jesus OG, TGA Subcool Seeds, also produced this calming marijuana strain. Analytical 360, a cannabis testing laboratory, estimated the THC content of 9 Pound Hammer to be between 14% and 23%.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Large, robust flowers in a variety of colors give 9 Pound Hammer a striking appearance. The small, tightly curled leaves of the buds are arranged in a thick, compact configuration with their center stems. The leaves themselves are a mossy green and have yellow and orange pistils running through them. Due to the high levels of anthocyanin pigments in their leaves, flowers frequently exhibit purple flashes that appear when the pigments are stirred up by cold weather throughout the growing phase. The buds are especially sticky because of the layer of icy trichomes that covers them.

9 Pound Hammer has a rich fruity aroma with a tropical undertone when it has been thoroughly cured. It has a citrus and grape scent, just like its parent strain Jack the Ripper. 9 Pound Hammer burns with an incredibly smooth smoke that tastes woodsy and piney with a tinge of lime when smoked in a joint or bowl.


The reason this strain is called 9 Pound Hammer is because it quickly knocks people out with its intense drowsiness. Muscle tension may release and deep breathing may become easier. The full-body high that follows this initial experience may make smokers feel floating and bewildered. In addition to these physiological effects, 9 Pound Hammer also stimulates the mind subtly; while it may not lead to strong, cerebral thinking, it can change perception by intensifying noises or colors. If the dosage is raised, this strain has a tendency to induce couch-lock, which drains motivation and energy while also exacerbating any leftover pain and tension. As a result, 9 Pound Hammer is best used at night because sleep is quickly induced by its potent sedative effects.

Patients who use medical cannabis may find considerable benefit in 9 Pound Hammer. It may temporarily lessen the signs and symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression. Its relaxing, nearly narcotic effects can aid with a variety of aches and pains. As for people who have lost their appetite as a result of medications or medical procedures like chemotherapy, its capacity to arouse hunger might be helpful. As previously mentioned, 9 Pound Hammer is especially useful for those who suffer from insomnia because it can help smokers go into a restful, deep sleep. This strain is a wonderful choice for persons who frequently experience panic or anxiety .

9 Pound Hammer is a great option for weekend or nighttime leisure and should not be underrated.


Fortunately for growers, TGA now offers 9 Pound Hammer seeds for purchase online. Although it may be grown outside or inside, optimal outdoor production requires a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It thrives indoors, where its plants develop into short, bushy plants with robust lateral branching. To promote the establishment of flowering nodes on lower branches, growers should be sure to remove any broad, light-blocking fan leaves. It is also mildew resistant because of several stable genes. Finally, growers should expose the plants to chilly (but not freezing) evening temperatures to bring out the colors of purple in order to maximize this strain’s complete bag appeal. When cultivated indoors, 9 Pound Hammer flowers in about 7 to 8 weeks and offers growers with a great harvest of flowers for their effort.


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