Benefits of Having A Medical Marijuana Card In Maryland
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Maryland is one of those US states where both recreational and medical marijuana is legal. Now this raises a question. If residents of Maryland can legally consume marijuana if they’re adults, what’s the point of getting a Maryland marijuana card?

Well, getting a medical marijuana card has its own exclusive benefits. Let’s take a look at those one by one,

Cost efficient

Before July 2023, marijuana products were only available to registered medical marijuana users with sales tax exemption. But as per the new legislation, recreational marijuana is now legal with a 9% sales tax now being imposed on all marijuana products except medical marijuana users who will still get the products tax-free.

Apart from this, the new legalization now requires you to pay a registration fee in order to get a medical marijuana card.

Accessible to all age groups

As of July 2023, adults who are 21 years of age or older can legally possess marijuana. But when you have a certified medical marijuana card, there is no age limit.

If you’re diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition and have a valid medical marijuana recommendation from a physician, you can apply for a mmj within the state.

If you’re younger than 18, you have the right to register a caregiver to help you possess/cultivate medical marijuana.

In order to apply as a caregiver in Maryland, you must be;

According to Maryland marijuana laws, a caregiver can serve up to 5 patients at a time, qualifying patients above 18 can have up to two caregivers, and qualifying patients under 18 can have up to four caregivers.

On the federal level, marijuana is still recognized as a Schedule I substance which makes possession of marijuana illegal in any capacity.

Even though the state of Maryland has legalized recreational marijuana now, possessing more than 1.5 ounces of marijuana can end in criminal charges being charged.

On the other hand, having a medical marijuana card provides you with legal protection for higher marijuana possession within the state of Maryland.

Valid in other states

Although the state of Maryland hasn’t signed any reciprocity agreements with other states as of 2023, there are several other US states that do accept a medical marijuana card.

The MMJ card will allow you to purchase and possess marijuana products in these states. The following states are included in the list,

Permit to obtain quality marijuana products

Now, marijuana dispensaries operational within the state of Maryland are accessible to both medical and recreational marijuana users.

Howevere, the medical marijuana patients are still given some advantage when it comes to accessing quality products first.

Registered patients are also eligible to purchase marijuana products in bulk quantities if they’re eligible for higher marijuana possession limits.

How the Kif can help you?

You are now well aware of the possible benefits you’ll be enjoying as a registered medical marijuana user in Maryland. If you’re all set to start your medical marijuana journey, the Kif is going to help you throughout the process.

You can book your medical marijuana evaluation with us. Don’t worry, we have a network of certified medical practitioners licensed to recommend medical marijuana to eligible patients in Maryland.

Plus, we also have a refund policy set in place to ensure that you’re satisfied with the services we provide.

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