Cannabis For Sunburn
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As the cold winter days are approaching, more and more people around the globe are aiming to get a good old sun bath whenever they get the chance to do so. If there’s no sunlight, there is always the option of sun lamps to get that crucial vitamin D through your skin.

But what happens when your skin gets too much exposure to UV light through natural sunlight or sun lamps? The skin becomes red, hot, and sore which is commonly known as a Sunburn.

Considering that Sunburn is so common, you might have another question in mind. Will cannabis products help in treating my Sunburn symptoms?

Common symptoms associated with Sunburn

But before getting to that, here are some prominent symptoms associated with Sunburn,

  • The skin becomes red, hot, and sore in some areas.
  • Fatigues, mild fever, dizziness, and headaches caused by a sun-stroke or a heat stroke.
  • Long-term exposure to a similar scale can cause skin cancer.

Can cannabis be used for Sunburn treatment?

Now, let’s come to your main question of yours. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast yourself, you might have noticed many cannabis-infused topicals being labeled as an ‘aftersun cream’ that can help with sunburn symptoms due to their anti-inflammatory properties. Even though these topicals do prove effective in many cases, there is still very little research done on the topic.

Instead, the proven ways of treating sunburn symptoms include using a sunscreen cream, drinking cold water, taking cold showers, and using aloe vera gels once the person is out of the sun and cooled down.

Does the mixture of CBD and sunscreen work?

As mentioned above, CBD is known to enhance the effectiveness of Zinc Oxide. The compound is one of the 17 ingredients approved by the FDA to be used in sunscreen creams.

Both dermatologists and researchers agree that when CBD is combined with aloe vera, the former prominently enhances the natural skin-nourishing abilities of aloe vera.

Apart from this, there are many credible patient remarks available online claiming the effectiveness of combining CBD and sunscreen against symptoms of sunburn.

Scientific Research for Cannabis & Sunburn

So far, 7 scientific pieces of research have been conducted on the topic of ‘sunburn and cannabis’. Out of these 7, six were ‘lab studies’ and one was a ‘double-blind human trial’.

The conclusive result of these studies showed that 4 out of 7 claimed that using cannabis-infused products does have some positive influence on sunburn symptoms. The remaining 3 were inconclusive and mentioned a need for further experimental evidence to present a conclusive result.

Are there companies out there that produce licensed cannabis-infused sunscreens?

Yes, several licensed cannabis brands encourage users to mix CBD and sunscreen products to get immediate and effective results. These brands also offer cannabis topicals that can be used as a way to treat Sunburn symptoms.

Also, researchers do agree on mixing CBD and sunscreen products containing compounds like Zinc Oxide and Titanium dioxide for improved efficiency.

Final Note

The rise in CBD-infused products being used by people in the US is a prominent reason why the role of cannabis is expanding into new domains.

The use of cannabis with sunscreen products to treat Sunburn symptoms is one such new domain. Even though individual users across the country do find this combination super effective, there is further scientific research that needs to be done.

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