Ozempic and Marijuana
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You might have noticed it by now as medical marijuana prescriptions are on the rise throughout the US. With each passing day, more and more US states are making an effort to legalize marijuana through their respective medical marijuana programs. But in all of this progress, it is important to know the consequences of weed prescriptions when a person is already suffering from a disorder like diabetes.

What Is Ozempic?

Before moving forward, we believe that it will be a better idea for you to have an overview of Ozempic. The medication is widely prescribed as a Type II diabetes treatment drug with added benefits that can aid in weight loss management.

In the mode of action, Ozempic is a GLP-1 agonist that stimulates the production of Insulin for blood glucose levels management while suppressing glucagon production to keep the blood glucose levels within a certain healthy range.

Potential Benefits Of Cannabis For Type II Diabetes Treatment

  • A recent study has revealed that cannabis in fact does have some sort of impact on the metabolic and digestive cycles within the body resulting in moderating insulin levels. When combined with fasting, insulin levels are further regulated in individuals who are overweight or obese. Also, the rate of diabetes and obesity is quite low in patients who consume cannabis.
  • Researchers have also discovered that TCH and CBD might be responsible for regulating blood pressure which in fact prevents the development of insulin reduction in the long run.
  • Studies are also being conducted on finding a channel through which Ozempic (a Type II diabetes treatment drug) and cannabis can be combined.

Potential Risks Associated With Smoking Weed While On Ozempic

Both medical marijuana and Ozempic have some effects that can act negatively on the overall health of an individual. These potential risks include,

1. Increased Appetite

Marijuana is known for its appetite-increasing properties which can be a huge problem when you’re diabetic and require monitoring of your food intake.

2. Cognitive Impairment

The psychoactive properties of marijuana can lead to cognitive impairment which can make diabetes management quite difficult.

3. Blood Sugar Levels

Both marijuana and Ozempic are known for their ability to affect blood glucose levels. When combined, both compounds can affect the blood glucose regulating ability of one another making overall blood glucose management very difficult for a diabetic patient.

What Do The Experts Suggest?

There is no sure opinion most of the experts provide in this regard. Consuming both marijuana and a Type II diabetes treatment drug (Ozempic) is something that will only be suggested by evaluating individual cases.

Here at MY IV Doctors our team of medical professionals starts taking extra precautions regarding the whole evaluation and prescription process when a patient already has medical marijuana and is an active consumer of the product.


Can Smoking Weed Worsen Diabetes Symptoms?

  • Yes, marijuana is known for affecting blood glucose levels and increasing the appetite which can lead to diabetes symptoms getting worse over time.

Can Smoking Weed Affect The Effectiveness Of Ozempic?

  • There isn’t as much research done on the topic as required so far, however, experts do advise to not take marijuana-based products when you’re already on Ozempic-based Type II diabetes treatment.

Is There Any Known ‘Drug Interaction’ Between Weed & Ozempic?

  • So far, there isn’t any well-documented ‘drug interaction’ between Ozempic and weed.

Final Note

To check whether you will be eligible for Ozempic treatment while on medical marijuana is something only an experienced medical doctor can do.

At My IV Doctors, they have a team of such doctors, ready to evaluate you so you can have a better idea regarding the best possible approach for Type II diabetes treatment while consuming medical marijuana.

You can also get Semaglutide (Ozempic) Prescription Online For Weight Loss Program if you are new to this amazing medication.

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