OMMA Medical Marijuana Card Registration For Minors
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The state of Oklahoma does allow minor patients to obtain a valid Medical Marijuana Card if they qualify for one. The card will allow their caregivers to grow and possess Medical Marijuana on their behalf so the patients can consume Marijuana products as prescribed by the doctor. Here’s an overview of the whole process,

1. Get A Doctor’s Recommendation

For a minor to get a Medical Marijuana Card in Oklahoma, the patient will be required to obtain a recommendation from two certified medical doctors. This is to get double-check the Medical Marijuana requirement for the minor. Do note that both recommendations must be within 30 days of one another and not later than that.

2. Apply For An OMMA Patient’s License

Once the patient gets both recommendations, the next step is to fill out the application form available on OMMA’s website. The form usually requires information like the patient’s full name, date of birth, proof of residence, etc along with some additional details required from the caregiver. You can find out about all the details related to the application form through OMMA’s website.

3. Payment

Once your application is complete, you’ll now need to pay the $100 application fee that’s non-refundable. Minor’s having valid proof of Medicaid or Medicare enrollment will have to pay only $20 to get a Medical Marijuana Card.

4. Once You Apply

Once you apply, there will be a 14-day time period within which the OMMA will verify all your documents and make a final decision on your application. You will be notified via mail of whatever decision has been taken on your application and how to receive your Oklahoma Minor Medical Marijuana License.

What To Do After Receiving Your Card?

Now that you have a valid MMJ Card in your possession, the final step will be either asking your caregiver to go to a state-authorized Medical Marijuana dispensary to buy marijuana products or start growing Cannabis plants within a private, closed property.

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