Medical Marijuana For Inflammation
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Inflammation can bring numerous medical problems and chronic diseases, including diabetes and autoimmune disorders. Steroids and other anti-inflammatory drugs are the most often used treatments for inflammation.

These medications can cause a wide range of adverse reactions, including ulceration and muscle weakness. When you use marijuana to treat inflammation, many of these negative side effects are removed, the inflammation is reduced, and you start to feel better and using cannabis usually leads to mild and temporary side effects, its long-term impacts remain a topic of ongoing research.

But does marijuana reduce inflammation? Here is all you should know about using medical marijuana to treat inflammation:


Marijuana’s Effect on Inflammation Symptoms

Depending on whether the inflammation is acute or persistent, the symptoms may vary. Short-lived acute inflammation is characterized by redness, discomfort, heat, and swelling. In contrast, chronic inflammation causes diseases like diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and other medical issues.

Marijuana can be consumed in a number of ways, including by smoking, vaping, and topical use. You will experience various outcomes with each of these techniques.

Lotions and other topically applied treatments are effective for treating joint pain and inflammation because they relieve localized discomfort and swelling. While inhaling by smoking or vaping helps lessen pain and swelling, it can also change your mood and give you a high-like sensation. 


Should You Try CBD for Inflammation?

Patients who are concerned about getting high from marijuana may find that CBD-only products, like CBD oil, are a good alternative. In addition to reducing some of the negative effects of THC, CBD also controls inflammation and pain perception. (Check what science says). 

CBD may also be able to reduce diseases like anxiety or insomnia if you already have other symptoms associated with a chronic condition.

It’s crucial to know that not every persistent inflammatory condition is brought on by the same body mechanism. We advise seeking competent cannabis recommendations for your particular ailment as delivery systems and dosages for each disease differ. 


Is Inflammation a Threat?

Not every inflammation poses a health risk. The truth is that your body frequently experiences acute inflammation. Common symptoms of acute inflammation include swelling, redness, discomfort, and warmth.

The immune system is used by the body to fight off disease and heal wounds; the issue arises when this inflammation lasts for an extended period of time and turns chronic.

The problem with chronic inflammation is that when the body sends white blood cells to combat inflamed tissue, they may begin to harm healthy tissue, which can cause further inflammation.


Best Strains for Inflammation

Now the quesiton is, what marijuana strain reduces inflammation?

It can be challenging to decide which medical marijuana strain will help you reduce inflammation when there are so many to pick from. CBDs work best for relieving localized pain and inflammation.

For joint discomfort, you might use items like CBD lotions. While higher THC concentrations are more advantageous for people with inflammation brought on by fibromyalgia, arthritis, or other types of inflammation.

This makes Indica the best strain for pain and inflammation. On the other hand, Sativa has a higher level of CBD which reduces inflammation by applying locally.

But since each of us is affected differently, there isn’t truly a single solution. Sativa plants contain more CBD, whereas Indica plants include more THC. You can also use Hybrid strains according to your needs.



Medical cannabis is the best option for reducing inflammation naturally. The anti-inflammatory benefits of cannabis are evident from the study that has been done thus far.

When it comes to easing inflammation, traditional medicines are available but they cause long-term side effects so in this case, cannabis is the way to go.

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