Is Weed Legal In Wisconsin?
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No. Weed is not legal in Wisconsin. The state does not approve the consumption of marijuana. It does not just oppose weed consumption for recreational purposes like many states. It also restricts the consumption of medical weed, unlike many states of the United States of America. The state distinctly specifies that people in Wisconsin cannot consume weed for any purpose. Even the possession is considered a misdemeanor within the state.

The state government of Wisconsin does not permit the consumption of marijuana for recreational reasons. The state legislature has no bill passed that provides freedom in consuming marijuana. The state has been undergoing several discussions for legalizing the use of marijuana for recreation. But nothing has been sorted out yet. Though voters favor legalizing weed for adult use, the state is reconsidering the matter.

In short, the state does not allow anyone living within Wisconsin’s boundaries to consume weed products. The restriction applies to everyone, regardless of their age. You must not possess the slightest amount of weed. Tablets, capsules, and vapes are all illegal products in Wisconsin. The state follows the footsteps of the federal law of the nation.

No. The state legislature of Wisconsin has not raised its green flag to the weed industry. While many states of the United States of America have accepted the goodness of marijuana in the medical field, Wisconsin is walking in the opposite direction. It has not passed any effective measure that allows residents to carry on the legal transaction of medical weed.

If the state passes any law to legalize medical weed, licensed doctors can prescribe weed as a medicinal drug. Similarly, qualifying patients can access medical weed from licensed stores. Since medical and recreational weed vary, the state will issue a medical marijuana card for patients. KIF is a trusted organization that helps qualifying patients from other American states get their cards. They will help Wisconsin patients, too, to get their medical marijuana cards.

The restriction of the state laws of Wisconsin does not just ban the consumption of medical weed. It also poses a strict ban on the privilege of home cultivation. That means a patient cannot grow weed in their private residence. Controlling weeds in a sheltered space, away from the public eye, is also not permitted. The state clearly implies that residents cannot possess any amount of weed for any reason. It is a criminal offense in Wisconsin to have any relation to cannabis products.

However, the state has legalized CBD oil for treating seizures. In 2014, the state passed the Wisconsin Act 267 (2013 Assembly Bill 726). The act was renamed Lydia’s Law after a seven-year-old girl. She was suffering from a rare condition of Epilepsy. Her parents appealed. The state legislature unanimously accepted the appeal. The state now allows the consumption of low-THC/high-CBD oil. The concentration of delta-9 THC must be limited to 0.3%. The specified dry weight equals the chemical composition of hemp-derived CBD oils.

Penalties for Marijuana Possession

  • It is a misdemeanor to possess any amount of weed in Wisconsin. An offender caught for the first time may get a maximum of 6 months of imprisonment, followed by a
  • maximum fine of $1000.
  • The same offense committed more than once is considered a second-class felony in Wisconsin. An offender will get a jail sentence for a maximum of 3.5 years. Otherwise, they will have to pay a maximum of $10,000 in fines. In many cases, offenders have to pay both.
  • The span of punishment varies based on the severity of the offense. An offender may have to complete a 100-hour community service.
  • Possession of weed in specific places is also a punishable offense. Offenders will have to pay fines for that.

Is Weed Decriminalized in Wisconsin?

Weed is illegal in Wisconsin. Hence, the possession of weed is also considered illegal in the state. The state passed the “161.275 Possession and use of marijuana; penalty” in 1939. As per the act’s regulation, any use of marijuana is illegal in the state. One must not grow or possess any weed. However, several counties have passed local jurisdictions that leave offenders carrying weed below 25 grams without a jail sentence. They are penalized with monetary fines.

The state does not allow possession of weed in public places as well. You must not obtain any weed under your possession within 1000 ft. of public parks, schools, pools, youth centers, drug treatment facilities, jails, or housing projects. Possession of weed on federal lands is a criminal offense. This is because the federal law treats weed as a Schedule 1 drug.

Future of Cannabis Legalization in Wisconsin

The future of cannabis legalization is uncertain in Wisconsin. The state has strict regulations to control the illegal use of weed within the state’s boundaries. It does not approve the consumption of weed. Thus, weed has no access to the market of Wisconsin. If the state legalizes the consumption of weed in medical fields, the state will notice a positive growth in the overall economy of the state. Weed is considered a cash crop in many states. KIF will help qualifying patients in their registration process. Naturally, transactions will be on the government records using a medical marijuana card.

The state allows the cultivation of hemp. It was one of the largest hubs of hemp cultivation in the 1940s. However, the state has limited the concentration of THC to 0.3%. Investors are looking forward to legalizing at least medical marijuana in Wisconsin. Legalizing recreational weed will be a bonus point in the state’s weed industry.

Wisconsin Marijuana Laws in 2024

  • Adults are not allowed to consume weed for recreational purposes.
  • The state has no provision for the qualifying patients. They do not have access to medical marijuana.
  • Residents of Wisconsin must not have any weed in their possession.
  • Epilepsy patients can consume CBD oils and hemp-derived products. The THC concentration must not exceed 0.3%.
  • Individuals must not obtain the slightest amount of weed in public places.
  • Driving in an intoxicated state caused by weed is a criminal offense.


Can I carry weeds of 10 grams in Wisconsin?

  • Several counties and municipalities have decriminalized the possession of weed under 24 grams. However, the state has no such regulation. It is better to avoid any amount of weed to keep it under possession.

I have AIDS. Should I register for a medical marijuana card in Wisconsin?

  • Wisconsin does not approve the consumption of medical marijuana as a medicinal drug. Thus, it has no provision for medical marijuana cards. Even though you have AIDS, you cannot apply for a medical marijuana card in Wisconsin.

Is paraphernalia allowed in Wisconsin?

  • Possessing weed paraphernalia with the intention of selling in Wisconsin is a misdemeanor. You will face monetary fines followed by jail imprisonment. Please try to avoid such equipment within the state.

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