Is Marijuana Legal In Ireland?
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No, marijuana is not legal in Ireland for recreational use. It’s only permitted for medical use under specific programs and regulations.

One of the most frequent queries is if marijuana is legal in Ireland. Despite being one of the most often used drugs in Ireland, many people still have little to no awareness of the cannabis plant. Ireland has had a nearly century-long prohibition on cannabis. However, in recent years, the general public’s perception of cannabis has drastically improved and become more favorable.

Ireland Cannabis Law History

In Irish history, hemp farming is the first time cannabis is mentioned. William O’Shaughnessy, who is regarded as the inventor of medical cannabis, was born in County Limerick in 1809. He completed his toxicology and chemistry studies in Scotland before moving to India and joining the Medical and Physical Society in Calcutta. One of his earliest publications on cannabis’s potential medical uses was published there. He confirmed cannabis’s traditional usage in India, unearthed fresh uses, and ultimately advocated for cannabis’ wide range of therapeutic uses.

As a result of his studies, cannabis was widely employed as a medical treatment for many illnesses in the Western world. The Dangerous Drug Act, passed in 1934 by the Irish government, outlawed cannabis in that country. Cannabis continues to be illegal as a scheduled drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1977.

This ban persisted until it was contested. Vera Twomey started fighting for her daughter Ava’s access to medical cannabis in 2016. Dravet’s Syndrome, a rare kind of epilepsy, caused Ava to have numerous seizures every day from the moment she was born. Vera was among the first individuals to receive a Ministerial Licence to bring cannabis into Ireland.

Vera was allowed to fly to the Netherlands once a month to buy medical cannabis and bring it back to Ireland because there was no medical cannabis legislation in Ireland at the time. The Irish government allowed medical cannabis to be supplied to her home in 2020 due to COVID-19 constraints.

Currently, THC-containing cannabis is prohibited in Ireland. You might be able to get a Ministerial Licence or the MCAP program as a medical patient to get a prescription for medical cannabis. The Misuse of Drugs Act of 1977 continues to make it unlawful to purchase cannabis without a prescription.

Another cannabinoid found in cannabis, CBD, is non-psychoactive and not covered by the Misuse of Drugs Act. It also doesn’t need a prescription or a license to be used. The recreational use of cannabis is forbidden.

What happens if you are found in possession of marijuana illegally?

Cannabis possession can result in a criminal conviction for the person who is caught with it. According to the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1977, having cannabis in your possession can result in a criminal conviction, a fine, or perhaps jail time.

Cannabis for personal use has recently been added to the Adult Caution Scheme. This policy is discretionary and not always applicable.

Can you Fly or Travel with Cannabis in Ireland?

The Misuse of Drugs Act of 1977 governs all THC-infused products. It is against the law to import or transport controlled substances (drugs) into Ireland while you are a visitor. To be allowed to possess cannabis in Ireland, you must be prescribed medical cannabis under the current programs, either MCAP or Ministerial Licence.

Can You Sell Cannabis in Ireland?

Cannabis cultivation, distribution, and sale are prohibited in Ireland. Different punishments are meted out based on a variety of reasons, including:

  • The situation of the offender
  • The kind of drug
  • The amount of cannabis that was seized

A fine of up to €2,500 may be imposed for the selling of any controlled substances, including cannabis. Additionally, a one-year prison term could be imposed in conjunction with this.

The minimum punishment for selling cannabis is presently 10 years if the market worth is €13,000 or above. For larger quantities, penalties can be as harsh as life in prison. The Law Reform Commission objected to this sentencing system in 2013 due to its presumption nature.

Can We Grow Cannabis in Ireland?

Although cannabis seeds are freely available in the nation, it is against the law to cultivate your own cannabis plants there. Equipment used for cannabis production is likewise forbidden (under the Psychoactive Substances Act).

This hasn’t stopped some Irish people from trying to grow it. Statistics indicate that the prevalence of homemade cannabis is rising. Police raided 60 large enterprises that produce cannabis in one operation alone. They seized plants having a street worth of about €6 million in total.

Industrial hemp in Ireland

Ireland has legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp. Although marijuana has really been produced in the nation for generations, it was outlawed in the 20th century when unfavorable societal opinions about cannabis started to emerge.

The Irish government acknowledged the economic worth of industrial hemp in 1995. They recognized its use as a sustainable supply of fiber and oil as well. The Department of Health and Children must issue the farmer a current license before they can plant hemp, and that license must be renewed annually. Additionally, all plants must have 0.2% THC or less, and plantations must be situated away from public roadways.

Although it hasn’t really taken off yet, Ireland’s industrial hemp industry has the potential to expand in the future.

Is Telemedicine Accepted in Ireland for Consultations Regarding Medical Cannabis?

Uncertainty exists around the legality of using telemedicine consultations to obtain a license to use medical cannabis in Ireland.

When the doctor is located abroad, telemedicine sessions are conceivable, but it’s unlikely that you will be able to buy, consume, or store cannabis lawfully in Ireland.


Except for medical reasons, cannabis is banned in Ireland, and anyone found in possession of it without authorization could face severe consequences.

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