Is Weed Legal in Bangladesh?
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Both recreational use and medical use of marijuana are prohibited in Bangladesh.

Neither the use of medical marijuana nor the legalization of recreational marijuana in Bangladesh seems likely to happen any time soon.

Bangladesh Medical Marijuana Laws

The Narcotics Control Act, which was first passed in 1990 and most recently modified in 2018, essentially sets the parameters for cannabis regulations in Bangladesh.

Cannabis is expressly forbidden under all current laws in Bangladesh, including those governing personal and medical cannabis possession.

About Medical Cannabis in Bangladesh

The most important fact to be aware of regarding medical cannabis in Bangladesh is that it is illegal.

While many countries are establishing legalized recreational marijuana sales, medical marijuana programs, or even just decriminalizing cannabis usage for personal use, Bangladesh is strongly moving in the opposite direction.

Punishments Are Getting Harsher

The Bangladeshi government made it clear in a 2018 revision to the Narcotics Control Act that it intends to keep punishing drug use and possession of any kind with harsh penalties.

Most significantly, the revised Narcotics Control Act added the potential death penalty for specific narcotics offenses. Death seems to be the most common punishment for offenses involving the drug Yaba, a kind of methamphetamine.

All of this suggests that cannabis supporters in Bangladesh should stop possessing cannabis, as there is no chance of getting a green signal from the government anytime soon.

Cannabis Has Rich Medical History in the Region

Despite being illegal, cannabis has a long and illustrious history in Bangladesh, especially when it comes to its use for medical purposes.

A 2021 study that was focused on folk medicine practitioners reveals the past and present history of using cannabis plants to heal medical ailments in the country.

The study identified numerous instances of cannabis use for common health issues in the nation, such as respiratory disorders, as well as for sleep, chronic pain, and many other medical diseases.

Even though this study demonstrates how cannabis has aided many Bangladeshis in treating or managing their medical ailments, it is important to emphasize that there does not appear to be any likelihood of marijuana legalization shortly.

Recreational Marijuana in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, it is prohibited to grow, sell, or possess cannabis for recreational use.

Can You Grow Cannabis In Bangladesh?

Cannabis cultivation is not permitted in Bangladesh. And because of the severe penalties, you should also avoid taking the chance that applies if you are found in possession of cannabis.


In Bangladesh, marijuana in any form is strictly forbidden. Bangladesh may one day begin to realize the many advantages of having a legal marijuana industry.

But until then, growing or buying cannabis in Bangladesh would involve a significant financial risk.

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