Is Weed Legal in Azerbaijan?
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Despite the long history of medical marijuana use in Azerbaijan, the sale, use, and possession of cannabis remain prohibited in the country.

Those found in possession of less than 10 grams are considered to used drugs for personal purposes and are typically not prosecuted; instead, they may be sent for possible drug addiction therapy.

The cultivation or possession of greater quantities is regarded as drug trafficking and is subject to harsh punishment under Azerbaijani law.

Azerbaijan Medical Marijuana Law

Despite a centuries-long relationship with marijuana for medical purposes, it is unlawful to use cannabis in Azerbaijan.

According to research, the usage of medical marijuana in this country dates back to the Middle Ages, when it was used by healers to cure various tumors, hysteria, and hemorrhoids.

The current marijuana regulations in Azerbaijan place a complete ban on marijuana. Drugs like heroin, cocaine, and marijuana have historically been transported through Azerbaijan.

Because of this, its drug policy is strict and imposes harsh penalties for drug trafficking. In order to fight drug addiction and trafficking, Azerbaijan also collaborates with the UN Office on Drugs and Crime and other international drug control programs.

Cannabis legalization in Azerbaijan, even for medical purposes, is unlikely in the near future due to prevailing sentiments against heavy narcotics. Azerbaijani citizens must explore beyond medical marijuana treatment to address particular health issues.

What You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana in Azerbaijan

In Azerbaijan, cannabis is not available for medical or recreational use. In the same way, you cannot import it. Even if you have a medical marijuana card, it is advised that you leave your cannabis (including CBD) at home if you are planning a trip to Azerbaijan.

All Forms of Cannabis Are Illegal

When people are found in simple possession of cannabis for either medical or recreational purposes, law authorities usually won’t punish them.

However, anyone who purchases or possess marijuana or any other illegal substance in quantities “exceeding those required for personal consumption” (more than 10 grams) risk facing harsh legal repercussions.

The minimum penalties include a maximum of three years in prison as well as fines. Larger quantities of hard drugs are considered to be evidence of drug trafficking, which carries harsher punishments including three to seven years in prison and hefty fines.

No distinction is made between various cannabinoids in Azerbaijan’s cannabis legislation, regardless of how intoxicating they are. As a result, CBD is illegal, and anyone detected in possession of CBD products faces criminal charges.

Can You Grow Cannabis In Azerbaijan?

In Azerbaijan, it is against the law to cultivate cannabis. According to a 2011 assessment, cannabis is primarily grown in the southern region of Azerbaijan and is not widely grown there.

Growing Cannabis and other narcotic plants is illegal in Azerbaijan unless it is done with state approval for experimental medical product samples.

Sending marijuana to Azerbaijan is prohibited for any purpose. If you are caught sending, you can face severe penalties.


Both medical and recreational marijuana are forbidden in Azerbaijan. It is essential to be informed of local regulations and follow the law because breaking the rules might result in severe drug fines.

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