Is CBD Legal in New York?
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The medical benefits of cannabis have made this plant popular among the people. In the United States, several states have legalized marijuana in various forms. But today, we will talk about New York. Do you know how cannabis became legal in New York? Let’s take a look at the history.

It all became possible in 2014 when CBD, especially medical marijuana became legal in New York. At that time, the neighboring states had very stringent qualifying requirements. We’re happy for the New Yorkers who have been supporting cannabis use for both medical and recreational purposes in recent months. Now the tables have turned and the legal position has changed, which opens up new possibilities for CBD.

If you are looking for information regarding CBD legality in New York then we have put this article for you to help you out.

CBD Laws in New York

The “Hemp Bill,” Bill S6184A, was approved by the New York Senate in 2019. The provisions of the bill include:

  • Retailers, distributors, and producers who deal in the sale of cannabis in New York must have a cannabidiol permit.
  • The sale of beverages containing 20 milligrams of CBD per 12-ounce is permitted in New York but it is recommended that CBD should be extracted from hemp plants.
  • Sales of hemp products obtained from other states and their use for human and animal consumption are prohibited unless they comply with New York State laws and regulations.
  • Hemp products must be packaged and labeled according to the guidelines set out by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.
  • CBD product labels have to include a supplement Fact sheet with a QR code along with all other required information.

In New York, anyone over 21 can use CBD with less than 0.3% THC level. You can also obtain medical cannabis in New York through the state’s Medical Marijuana Program.

Can I Buy CBD Online?

The option of purchasing CBD online is available for both visitors and residents of New York. To add things to your cart, you must be at least 21 years old if you’re purchasing within the state of New York.

When shopping online, reputable brands should offer Certificates of Analysis that match the product’s batch number to verify the cannabinoid contact. Additionally, certificates can assist buyers in verifying that a product is free of additives and agents.

Can I Buy CBD at a Dispensary?

In New York State, dispensaries are considered authorized shops, thus locals have the option to buy CBD from there.

Whichever shop you choose, be sure they have the right license to guarantee that the products you buy are processed legally and sufficiently tested.

Note: Don’t buy CBD products from street vendors as they sell low-quality products which can cause negative side effects on your health.

CBD Possession Limit in New York

There is currently no possible limit on the amount of CBD products. But if you are a medical cannabis patient you can possess up to 30 days of supply. You should make sure that the product must be non-edible and non-smokable. Even though CBD is legal in New York, anyone found in possession of CBD derived from cannabis faces fines and penalties. Therefore, it is recommended to only possess CBD derived from hemp.


CBD products with less than 0.3% THC are legal in New York but they must be derived from hemp. If you are living in New York and at least 21 years of age then you can use CBD without facing any legal consequences.

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