Illinois Medical Marijuana Card State Process
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If you’re someone residing in Illinois state and looking to get your Medical Marijuana Card any time soon, The Kif is here at your service. Our unique telemedicine approach allows us to build a network of credible medical professionals throughout the US all set to provide you with a Medical Marijuana recommendation in a matter of few minutes at tops.

But does the Illinois state process of obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card ends when you get a certified recommendation? No, it doesn’t. So, here’s a compact step-by-step guide to help you go through the whole process including your appointment at the Kif!

Appointment Process With Us

1. Register and complete your application at
2. Choose an appointment time with one of our licensed physicians.
3. At the time of your appointment, log in to your Kif account where you will join the waiting room. Don’t forget to enable your camera and microphone.

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Illinois State Registration Process

1. Visit the Illinois State website and click on ‘MCPP Patient Registration’.Once you click on the ‘new’ option, you’ll see your relevant certificate. Submit the required information and click ‘Register’.
2. You will be sent an email that contains a temporary password. (You will be able to change your password after logging in).
3. Click ‘New MCPP Patient Registration’ and complete the requested information.
4. Submit your digital signature by typing your name and selecting ‘Save’.
5. Click on the ‘Provider Certification’ tab to upload your certificate. (Please keep in mind certificates typically take some time to be received once they get approved).
6. Submit your payment.
7. Your status will show ‘SOS Check’ until your card is ready. Click ‘Initial Application’ and under ‘Tracking Inbox’ you will click on ‘Provisional Letter’ to print it out and use it to purchase medical marijuana.

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The Kif Team has expert team of writers with a profound understanding of holistic medicine. We specialize in assisting individuals in obtaining their medical marijuana cards. We firmly believe in the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis for various health conditions. Our mission is to educate and enlighten as many people as possible about its potential advantages.

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