How Much Does It Cost To Get An MMJ Card In Missouri?
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Getting an MMJ Card in Missouri

Missouri’s Amendment 2 is currently underway, and local dispensary owners are working diligently to prepare for an influx of business from newly registered cannabis patients. By the end of January, 192 licenses were granted, and we can anticipate dispensaries to begin operating as early as the beginning of spring.

Since federal laws prohibit the sale of cannabis across state lines, all cannabis sold in Missouri must be cultivated, lab tested, and tracked from seed to sale within the state. As a result, qualifying patients will still have to wait a few weeks before dispensaries can fully comply and open for business, as there isn’t a legal supply available yet.

Asking about the origins of the cultivators’ initial seeds and clones is akin to pondering the age-old question of whether the chicken or the egg came first—it’s a perplexing conundrum best avoided, as it may just cause confusion.

However, it’s wise to plan for the near future. So, continue reading to learn about the cost of a medical marijuana card in Missouri, how to find an MMJ doctor, and the expenses associated with the MO state registration fee.


How Much Does it Cost to Get an MMJ Card in Missouri?

Becoming a medical marijuana patient in Missouri is not as difficult as many residents believe. To obtain a cannabis recommendation, the first step is to secure a physician certification from a state-licensed doctor. The most challenging aspect of this process is finding the right medical marijuana doctor, but we have conducted some research to assist you with that.

To qualify for this certification, you must have a qualifying condition, though it’s worth noting that Missouri has a very extensive list of qualifying conditions.

Once the evaluating physician grants you the cannabis certification, the next step is to apply with the state to obtain your medical marijuana license, also known as the MO patient ID card. Both the physician’s evaluation and the MO state medical marijuana application have associated fees.


How Much is the Missouri State MMJ Card Registration Fee?

After selecting your physician and receiving your evaluation, you’ll be required to pay an extra $25 for your medical marijuana application through Missouri’s DHSS.

If you wish to become a primary caregiver, you’ll need to designate the person taking care of you and have them complete a state application as well. This application carries the same cost as that of a patient, which is $25.

If you’re interested in cultivating marijuana yourself or having your caregiver do it for you, there is an additional $50 fee. It’s important to decide beforehand whether you want to cultivate and ensure you have suitable facilities that meet the approval requirements, as the cultivation certificate must be applied for simultaneously with the state ID application.

Keep in mind that if you fail to submit your state ID application within 30 days of your evaluation, you will need to redo your medical evaluation, incurring extra expenses. To avoid this, it’s advisable to apply for your state card as soon as you receive your recommendation.




Can I get a refund if my MMJ card application is denied?

No matter whether your application is accepted or rejected, the application fee is regrettably non-refundable. Therefore, before applying, it’s imperative to confirm that you match all qualifying conditions.


Are there any additional fees associated with getting an MMJ card?

Yes, there are extra costs associated with particular circumstances. There is an additional $50 charge if you or your authorized carer want to grow medical marijuana. This is relevant to anyone who intends to cultivate their own marijuana or have a carer do it for them.


Can I use health insurance to cover the costs of obtaining an MMJ card?

No, the expenses incurred in acquiring a Missouri MMJ card are not covered by health insurance. The necessary fees must be paid out of pocket by you.


What happens if I don’t submit my state ID application within the required timeframe?

If you don’t apply for a state ID within 30 days of your medical evaluation, you’ll have to pay more money to have your medical evaluation redone. It is best to apply for your state card as soon as you receive your doctor’s recommendation in order to prevent this.


How long does it typically take to receive the MMJ card after applying?

Applications for MMJ cards can take a while to process, but typically it takes several weeks. Your application will be examined by the Missouri DHSS, and if accepted, your MMJ card will be mailed to you.



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For the most recent and accurate information on the expenses and specifications for obtaining an MMJ card in Missouri, it is always advised to check with medical specialists and state authorities.

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