Gun Ownership and Medical Marijuana Cards In Minnesota
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In 2014, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed the medical marijuana act making Minnesota the 22nd US state that legalized medical marijuana.

Shortly after, the Office of Medical Cannabis was established and patient registration started in 2015. Over the years, the relevant department did make some prominent changes in the state’s medical marijuana program making it more progressive and widespread.

But even with all of Minessesota’s progressive approach regarding medical marijuana, can you own a gun and have a medical marijuana card in Minnesota at the same time?

Unfortunately, the state of Minnesota doesn’t provide any level of legal protection to its registered medical marijuana users when it comes to gun-related regulations.

Federal laws are followed in matters related to gun possession which automatically disqualify any registered medical marijuana user from owning a firearm.

Quite recently, many of the registered patients raised their voices in favor of allowing them to have equal gun ownership rights as the rest of Minnesota residents.

Taking My Gun To a Dispensary in Minnesota: Is It a Good Idea?

In order to carry either an open or concealed carry in Minnesota, you require a Permit to Carry a Pistol (PCP) if you’re from a reciprocal state.

The permit holder must be 21 years or older and have completed a weapons training course. For state residents, the sheriff’s office in a county issues permits locally.

Now, as per the law in Minnesota, even if you have a permit to carry a gun, there are certain places where you can’t take your firearm unless you’re from a law enforcement department. These places include,

  • Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by federal/state law
  • Public or private elementary/middle/secondary school premises
    School buses
  • The Bayport WMA in Washington County, the Hastings WMA in Dakota County, and the Raguet WMA in Scott and Carver Counties
    State correctional facilities
  • State hospitals and premises
  • Innkeepers may refuse to admit or refuse service/accommodations to any person the innkeeper reasonably believes is violating the hotel’s ‘no firearms’ policy
  • Private establishments/properties that have posted a sign banning guns on their premises
  • A portion of a building or facility under the temporary exclusive control of a public or private school (signs of firearms prohibition must be posted)
  • Minnesota Zoological Garden
  • Places of employment, public/private, considering that the employer had restricted possession of firearms for its employees
  • A childcare center while children are present
  • Any public place when under the influence of alcohol/controlled substance
    State game refuges
  • A church may prohibit firearms from its property (including parking facilities and parking areas owned or operated by the church)

As a dispensary is not included in the list of places where you can’t carry a gun, you can carry a gun in there as long as you have a valid permit.

Consuming CBD Products and Owning a Gun in Minnesota

Fortunately, CBD products have been legalized by the state of Minnesota allowing adults to consume CBD products as long as they are industrial-hemp driven and have less than 0.3% THC in them.

The state also clearly mentioned that consuming CBD products will not get your firearm’s license revoked in any capacity.

Our expert opinion

From what we know about the Minnesota Medical Marijuana Program, the state has indeed taken some really drastic measures to ensure the credibility of its program encouraging qualifying patients to apply for a Minnesota medical marijuana card.

But still, the lack of protection against federal firearms possession laws is something the state needs to further work on.

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