Gun Ownership and Medical Marijuana Cards In Massachusetts
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In 2012, the voters in Massachusetts finally decided that it was the right time to legalize medical cannabis within the state and allow qualifying patients to access medical marijuana-based treatment.

After two years, in 2014, the state began issuing medical marijuana making Massachusetts one of the US states that has an active medical marijuana program.

But did the state address one of the biggest concerns that medical marijuana users often have? Yes, we are talking about whether you can own a gun with a mmj card or not.

Well, the state’s stance on this is clear. As per the medical marijuana laws, anyone who meets the requirements to apply for a medical marijuana card must not be denied access to any right or privilege under the state law.

But the state also mentions that the relevant authority has every right to decide whether a person’s License To Carry (LTC) application is in violation of any federal/state law or whether the person can get an LTC without any restriction.

But what’s the answer to all of this confusion? Well, there’s no law in Massachusetts that is going to stop you from owning a gun and a medical marijuana card at the same time.

But if you were involved in a crime and the law enforcement agencies need to run a background check, things can get quite bad for you.

Taking My Gun To a Dispensary in Massachusetts: Is It a Good Idea?

Well, as Massachusetts is officially a shall-issue state, you require a Firearm Identification Card (FID) or a License To Carry (LTC) permit in order to buy or carry a gun.

There are multiple classes of the LTC issued by the state’s Police Firearms Records Bureau that determine up to what extent you can carry a weapon in public. But still, following are some specific areas where you can’t carry a firearm,

  • College or university/elementary or secondary school (police enforcement officials get the exception)
  • Any location where carrying a firearm is prohibited by federal/state law
  • Airport security zone
  • Courthouses (as per the policy set by the trial court)

Now, a dispensary is not included in the list of restricted areas. This means that you can carry your licensed firearm in a dispensary.

However, be very cautious as there is no law that is going to protect you if the police stop you and find a medical marijuana license and a licensed firearm from you at the same time.

Consuming CBD Products and Owning a Gun in Massachusetts

CBD products, as long as they are hemp-driven and have less than 0.3% THC can be legally consumed by adult residents of Massachusetts without a medical marijuana card.

Also, there is no legal restriction when it comes to owning a firearm’s license and consuming CBD products within the defined consumption/possession limits.

Our expert opinion

Considering that the state of Massachusetts has just legalized medical marijuana in the last decade, the in-state medical marijuana program is quite progressive and liberal.

Even though the state has indeed addressed the issue and declared that getting a medical marijuana card will not disqualify anyone from getting their rights, there’s also a loophole that gives a licensing authority to decide whether an applicant is violating a state/federal law.

In the future, we do hope that such loopholes get eliminated and medical marijuana users get full rights within the state.

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